Contest !! Vote And Win Free Inkfruit Tee Shirt !! Breezer India

Contest !! Vote And Win Free Inkfruit Tee Shirt !! Breezer India

Vote for your favorite Pop Art Tee Shirt design and you might be the lucky winner of an Inkfruit Tee Shirt. 

Live Life In Color!
What's life without a little color?
Designers get your paints ready for Breezer's Pop Art Design Challenge.
Unleash your imagination and bring to life this pint sized burst of vibrancy!
Start living life in color!
This contest gives you a chance to bring to life Breezer's brand philosophy of "LIVE LIFE IN COLOUR".
About Breezer:
Breezer has been synonymous with refreshing Ready-To-Drink offerings in India for quite a few years now. The exotic range includes flavours like Cranberry, Lime, Orange, Jamaican Passion, Lychee, Island Pineapple and Blackberry Crush.
Winner Declaration - only when the product is ready with us.

What's In It For You?
1st Prize: INR 50,000 + a tee of your design.
2nd Prize (2 winners): INR 25,000 each + a tee of your design .
3rd Prize (2 winners): INR 10,000 each + a tee of your design .
Other wining designs (10 winners) : a tee of your design .
These are the Do's n Don'ts
1. Upload the file in 2 different sizes. Main design file must have the dimension 580*460 px. The thumbnail design file must have the dimension 210*210 px.
2. It is recommended to use maximum 4 colors.
3. Vector artwork is preferable.
4. Submit your designs using ONLY the template provided.
5. When saving, use .jpg or .png file for uploading on site, please use the save option that says "Save for Web".
6. The file size should not exceed 150 Kb for the Main design & 30 Kb for the thumbnail version.
7. Please upload your original artwork only. Plagiarism is not cool!

1. Don't use the word Breezer or their logo in your artwork.
2. If it's pointed out that any design uploaded has been taken from any other resource, we'll immediately remove it.
3. Locked layers should not be edited in the template files. Please keep them as they are.
4. Plagiarism is not cool. Do not steal!
5. Please do not upload photographs or photo-prints as design submissions. They will be taken off.
6. You are not allowed to submit the same design in multiple contests on the site.
7. Do not resubmit designs that do not win.
8. Of course, no offensive content. :)

Vote and more detail click here

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