Contest !! The Apollo Go The Distance HOMP !! NDTV Goodtimes

Contest !! The Apollo Go The Distance HOMP !! NDTV Goodtimes

How To Play 
The Apollo Go The Distance Contest comprises 5 different levels.
After completing Level 1 and Level 2, the player qualifies for the Weekly Lucky Draw to win HOMP Merchandise.*
The player has to clear all 5 levels of the Contest to qualify for the Mega Prize, which is an opportunity to appear on Highway on my Plate Season Finale in September.*
That you can play again and again every week to improve your rank.
In Level 5 you can upload a maximum of 3 pics at a time.
Gear up to get HOMP-ed!
Come up with FIVE famous movie names (Hollywood or Bollywood) and replace a word in the movie title with "HOMP".

Give a quirky, crazy caption to the displayed image.

In TWO minutes, spot FIVE differences in the two mirror images.

In TWO minutes, match the listed dishes to the names of the cities, known for these specialities.

Level-5 (Final Level): 
Upload a photograph of you that captures a fun-filled, crazy travel moment. Get people to vote for your pic to better your position on the Leaderboard.

Weekly Winner for HOMP Merchandise and the Weekly Rankings on the Leaderboard for Mega Prize to be announced every Friday.

Participate To Win visit Here : Like Page

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