Contest !! Unleashing Flexercise Antyime Anywere Workout Win One Year Reebok Merchandise !! Reebok India

Contest !! Unleashing Exercises Antyime Anywhere Workout Win One Year Reebok Merchandise !! Reebok India

Reebok India

Head to “Unleashing Flexercise”. A series of quick and effective workouts that will suit your fast-paced lifestyle. Do them at home, at office or even while travelling; staying fit just got simpler!

The Flexercise is a four-part video series designed to suit your fast-paced lifestyle. Squeeze in a 7 to 15-minute quick Flexercise workout every day and you will notice a significant improvement in your fitness level within a month.
Flexercise @ Office is a short workout that you can do while at work, without any equipment.
Flexercise On-The-Go will ensure that you stay fit even while you are travelling.
7-minute Flexercise is a quick yet effective workout, perfect for days when you are running short of time.
Flexercise @ Home is a simple routine that you can perform at home using props like table, chair, etc.

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