Get Free SPLENDA TABLETS Pack Of 100 !! HealthCare !! Try And Buy India

Get Free SPLENDA TABLETS Pack Of 100 !! HealthCare !! Try And Buy India 

SPLENDA®(sucralose) is a no calorie sweetener that can be used to replace sugar in everyday drinks/meals to avoid the calories, sugar gives. Using SPLENDA® as a part of a healthy diet is a great way to cut down calories without sacrificing the sweet taste everyone loves.SPLENDA® is unique among no calorie sweeteners, with clear benefits. It has a taste profile very close to that of sugar without the bitter aftertaste of some other no calorie sweeteners, such as saccharin and acesulfame-K. Unlike aspartame, sucralose holds up to heat, so it can be used in cooking and baking.

SPLENDA® has no known side effects. Sucralose (SPLENDA®) has been the subject of extensive safety testing, with more than 20 years of research and over 110 scientific studies.Various food safety and regulatory authorities all over the world, including FDA, conclude that sucralose is safe for everyday consumption.SPLENDA® is an ideal accompaniment for people with diabetes. Since the body does not breakdown sucralose, it has no effect on blood sugar levels, insulin secretion or HbA1c. In fact, SPLENDA® (up to 4 sachets*) is considered as a "free food" in meal plans for those with diabetes. There are no known interactions of SPLENDA with any medications making it safe for use in people on one or more medications.

*The American Dietetic Association and the American Diabetes Association consider a free food to be any food or beverage that containsless than 20 calories and 5 grams or less of carbohydrate per serving

Size : 100 tablets/pack
MRP : INR 75/-
Free sample, no shipping charges

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