Contest !! You Coluld win A ChromBook 2 With Exynos Tomorrow !! Samsung

Contest !! You Coluld win A ChromBook 2 With Exynos Tomorrow !! Samsung

What do you see as the future of innovation? As part of our focus on richer technology for a simpler life, we have been thinking about the future of technology and what kind of impact it could have on your lives.

#ExynosTomorrow is the way in which we see the future of technology, and how this may make life simpler for you.

A future with better authentication methods for shopping online includes opening security sensitive applications. Currently passwords, screen lock patterns or a finger print scanner are used to secure your mobile devices; could we see using iris scanners in the near future, as our eye identity is more unique?

Gaming can be taken to the next level from a PC or console gaming experience to graphics beyond the display in front of us; a mobile experience that brings gaming elements vividly to life.

Holographic gaming could be integrated into our mobile devices to make our gaming experience even better than what we have experienced before.

When pictures are taken, they are mostly stored for editing using other applications or editing on a computer that has a better processing power. Performing tasks such as removing objects, editing the moment as you capture it can be a daunting task for any mobile computing device, but we see #ExynosTomorrow simplifying the way we capture the moment on our devices.

Browsing the internet or watching a high resolution movie online could be improved in the future by being able to load movies with higher resolution even bigger than 4K UHD on a mobile device with #ExynosTomorrow, with live data pulled up on screen with the touch of a finger.

Imagine a world where you can experience the world around you in such a way that it enriches and simplifies your life through rich technology. Augmented reality used in our daily mobile experience to view more information about the world around us. Displaying extra information to keep us better informed and bringing it to life, is what we want for #ExynosTomorrow.

To celebrate the evolution of Exynos, we are giving away some fantastic #ExynosTomorrow prizes.

Every week from the 10th July 2014 till the 30th of July 2014, we will be giving away an Exynos Octa-powered Samsung Chromebook 2 plus a Samsung Exynos goodie bag to one lucky winner.

For the first two weeks, we’ll be hosting the competitions on Twitter, but on the final week we’ll be putting another prize on Facebook, so get following and liking our pages to find out how to enter.

The Exynos 5 Octa powered Chromebook 2 features a beautiful vivid HD display for watching movies, playing games or completing work related tasks; it also features an all-day battery, thanks to the big.LITTLE architecture of Exynos 5 Octa.

Head over to our Twitter page now to get involved – you can also head over to our Facebook page in order to get involved in the last week of the competition also and to stay updated with all our innovations.

Official Rules Link for the Samsung #ExynosTomorrow Sweepstakes.

Eligibility: The competition is only open to all participants of 18 years, or over, who have an address to which the prize can be posted via registered post or Fedex.

Participate To Win visit here : 

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