Contest !! BlueMix Champs Win Asus Zenfone 5 and Gift Vouchers Worth Rs 1000 !! Digit

Contest !! BlueMix Champs Win Asus Zenfone 5 and Gift Vouchers Worth Rs 1000 !! Digit

Step 1: Read the below paragraph

BlueMix, a cloud-based platform from IBM, makes it easy for developers to build enterprise-grade mobile and web apps. With over 50 plugins called ‘services’ that you can leverage to make your app secure, scalable and robust, BlueMix is based on the Cloud Foundry project and is built around Open Standards, preventing vendor lock-in. It comes with built-in native and hybrid SDKs for target platforms like Android and iOS, along with runtimes for popular web frameworks like Ruby on Rails, Sinatra, Node.js and Liberty for Java. Components such as databases, messaging platforms, user authentication and push messaging are tightly integrated into the platform, ensuring that you have all the building blocks you need to build your app.

IBM’s Platform as a Service (PaaS) offering is an end-to-end platform for developers, and features tools that you can use throughout the life-cycle of your app. For instance, the Track & Plan Add-On allows Agile development, complete with feature tracking and shared tasks, while the DevOps console features a full-scale Web IDE with version control using Git. The Continuous Delivery Pipeline automates builds and test cases for your app, ensuring seamless deployment and maintenance of your app. Additionally, you can run multiple instances of your app, and BlueMix will automatically scale them to meet user demand.

The architecture of BlueMix is a client-server model, where all the clients (both app instances as well as the developer console) connect to the main BlueMix service using RESTful APIs. Apart from mobile and web apps, you can also use BlueMix to build applications that mine through BigData, and create sophisticated analytics framework, using either the Hadoop or the built in Analytics Warehouse service. Emerging areas like Internet of Things and Smart Devices are well supported, allowing you to pull data from wearable devices such as FitBit, MapMyFitness or RunKeeper into your application.

Step 2: Answer 7 simple questions
1. What are the target platforms that BlueMix supports?
Both a & b

2. What makes BlueMix different from traditional PaaS offerings?
It uses a different Operating System
Its pricing model
The services that BlueMix provides
It is cloud-based

3. Which, of the following, is a service targeted towards Mobile Apps?
Data Cache
Analytics Warehouse
GeoSpatial Analytics

4. How do client applications interact with BlueMix?
Text Messaging
REST APIs and HTTP requests
None of the above

5. What are the different runtimes supported by BlueMix?
Ruby on Rails
Liberty for Java
All of the above

6. If you were building an application for smart devices using BlueMix, what would be your choice of database?
BlueMix Time Series Database
Cloudant NoSQL Database

7. How would you speed up the loading time of web pages in a BlueMix application?
Data Cache
Mobile Quality Assurance
Continuous Delivery Pipeline
CApp User Registry

Note : Please Check Your Answer After Sumbit your form i am not sure this is correct answer

Step 3: To be eligible for the prizes, you need to follow the 3 steps below

    Click here to create your IBM id to begin your free trial of Bluemix.
    After filling up the form in the previous step, you will receive an email bearing subject line: "IBM Bluemix – Confirmation of your trial" (without quotes). Open the email and click on the confirmation link which will take you to IBM Bluemix.
     Again, on the same email, you will see a link (refer the screenshots. The URL is the one shaded in yellow) pasted in the body which you need to paste in the field, named: Bluemix Confirmation URL below

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