Register On 90bids & Get Rs 200 Recharge, 20 Tokens And One Surprise Gift

Register On 90bids & Get Rs 200 Recharge, 20 Tokens And One Surprise Gift

Any user who purchases tokens of worth 3k or more and is found not to win any auctions shall be given the equivalent value i.e. 3k of product/service from the any one among the different categories on the website in the available product in the stock.
90bids is a Play-to-deal Site Our deals operate in a clear and transparent way. We recommend you read this explanation below so that you understand how 90bids operate.
Step 1
Sign in and Token Balance
sign_inTo start bidding on 90 bids, you need to have your account with us, for that you need to sign in and as a compliment you will get 20 free tokens
Step 2
Request Token
request_tokenWith 20 free bidding tokens, credited in your account at the time you sign in with us, you can start bidding.Additional tokens can be requested from our website only, just you need to enter the no of tokens you require (minimum tokens = 10).Each Token Will cost you 10 INR.
Step 3
Placing Bids
placing_bidsEach time you bid: * The deal price will increase by the valued amount of tokens used for the deal. * You will become the highest bidder (your BID NOW! button will change to WINNING! Button.* Tokens will be deducted from your account.* Every time you use the tokens your usage and remaining credit counts will be reflected on the screen automatically.( Right top corner)
Step 4
Deal Ending Information
deal_endingOur deals will come to end on defined fix time, only when all the users will stop bidding. This will be a different experience for the users, unlike other deal sites we don’t have any fixed deal finishing time. Even if you bid in the last few seconds on the countdown timer, the deal will be extend for approximately additional ten seconds.All our deals finish in the same way. After the last bid is placed, the countdown timer will count down to "1 second". Then, the three clear announcements will be made: Going Once! Going Twice! And then Final Call! If no bids are placed during this period, the deal will come to end. However, if any bids are placed the countdown timer will reset to approximately 10 seconds, and the countdown process will occur again
Step 5
How to win an deal
win_a_dealTo win an deal, you must place a bid on the deal and not be outbid. Just like other deals, the highest bidder will ALWAYS win. When you place a bid and become the highest bidder, the relevant deal card will clearly indicate your success (the orange BID NOW! button changes into a blue WINNING! Button). Note: On Winning the deal the bid count will become zero,in the account and the count will start again with the next bidding done by the user.
Step 6
Paying For Your Item
paying_for_itemIf you are the highest bidder when the deal ends, you need to pay the final deal amount to get the item. We will keep updating you with emails and reminders about the deal status. On winning, email will be send to you along with the link of payment page.You can also complete your pending payments by navigating to our Win list page.We give you thirty days from deal end time to pay. But don't wait too long, if you don't pay within thirty days of winning, you will forfeit your item.
Step 7
Claim free Offer
claim_offerOnce you complete your 90bids on number of deals, on the site, you are entitled to claim available gifts on the site. once you claim for the gift your bids count will come back to zero again and next time you bid your count will start again. Condition: While adding up your bids count if you win any of the deals your count will become zero again and a new count will start with the next biding made by you.
We hope the above explanation is helpful. If you have any queries feel free to contact us, using the contact box below or the details on our page. We are committed to provide all our users a fun, exciting and fair deal environment. Please ensure you always play by the rules.
Happy Dealing!

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