VIM BAR Free Mobile Recharge offer !! Hindustan Unilever Limited ("HUL")

VIM BAR Free Mobile Recharge offer !! Hindustan Unilever Limited ("HUL")

Following are the terms and conditions for participation by consumers in the "VIM BAR MOBILE OFFER campaign (the “Campaign”) brought to you by Hindustan Unilever Limited ("HUL"), for promotion of the brand Vim Bar.

1. These terms and conditions are applicable for the "VIM BAR MOBILE RECHARGE OFFER" which will be applicable during the term of the offer (hereinafter referred as "Campaign Period").

2. The Campaign is open to callers who are users of pre-paid mobile phone connections located in India (each a “Consumer”).

3. To avail this offer and participate in the Campaign, a Consumer, upon purchasing VIM BAR 80g, 130g, 300g, 200gx3 and 500g Bar (the “Vim Bar Products”) must open the pack, locate the unique code printed within, and give a missed-call to 080-910-11111. This miss call number has been used across various promotional items. In case of any conflict, the number printed on the pack will be considered as the final number for the promotion. By placing a missed-call, the Consumer expressly opts to participate in the Campaign and to receive a call back (an ”Interactive Voice Response” or “IVRS”) on behalf of HUL. IVRS automated calls enable consumers to respond a call-back via voice input or keypad selection.

4. Upon receiving a call-back, the Consumer will be requested to follow instructions for (a) entering the unique product code and (b) participating in a brief Consumer survey. Upon completion of the Consumer survey, and depending on the product purchased, the Consumer could win a mobile recharge. For any Vim Bar pack, after entering the unique Vim Bar Product code and completing the Consumer survey, the Consumer stands a chance to be awarded a mobile recharge worth Rs.10 which would be debited to the Consumer’s pre-paid mobile phone account. Chance of win will be as follows:

80g: 1 in 6 will win Talktime
130g: 1 in 3 will win Talktime
200g x 3: Everyone will win Talktime
300g: 1 in 2 will win Talktime
500g: Everyone will win Talktime
With respect to consumers in Tamil Nadu, every consumer stands a guaranteed chance of winning a Rs. 10 worth recharge on 130g and 300g pack by accurately answering the question asked in the IVR. Guaranteed mobile recharge will be given to consumer who entered valid unique code obtained in 500g tub pack and 200gx3 pack.SMS will follow to inform the Consumer about the details of the recharge.

Mobile recharge will be confirmed via SMS confirmation to the Consumer. Each unique product code is valid for one Campaign entry only. Please note, post-paid mobile phones are not eligible for mobile recharge during this offer. The mobile recharge will be done within 6 working days.

Please note post-paid mobile phones are not eligible for mobile recharge during this offer.

The campaign shall be conducted on behalf of HUL by its agency partner. In respect of each unique Vim Bar Product code, after the re-charge is completed (if successful in the case of Consumers of the 130g product), HUL shall have no further airtime reward obligations to the participating Consumer.

5. Participation in this Campaign is voluntary and at the sole discretion of the Consumer. This campaign is not a lottery or a game of chance. By participating in this Campaign, the consumer fully and unconditionally agrees to and accepts these Terms and Conditions as well as the decisions of HUL, the IVRS Partner and the On-Ground Activation Partner, which are final and binding in all matters related to the Campaign. The consumer also agrees to receive calls from HUL about its brands, products, and services, with respect to promotions, offers, surveys, and such other activities.

6. HUL cannot guarantee connectivity via the mobile network of the telecoms service provider subscribed to by the consumer. Accordingly, HUL and agency partner shall not be responsible or liable for any inability of, or failure by, the Consumer to connect to any of the above mobile recharge telephone numbers.

7. Inability to connect to mobile recharge telephone numbers may be due to various reasons including but not limited to network congestion, consumer being outside coverage area, network unavailability, third party dependency, or entering an incorrect code, etc.

8. HUL shall not be responsible for misdirected calls or loss of calls while entering the response during the IVRS call. Proof of calling is not proof of receipt of the call.

9. HUL reserves the right to alter, modify or change any terms and conditions herein or modify/change, discontinue, terminate, withdraw the Campaign at any time during the Campaign Period at its sole discretion without prior notice or assigning any reason.

10. During the Campaign Period, Consumers may participate multiple times in the Campaign i.e. each time the Consumer purchases Vim Bar Products. However, this offer cannot be clubbed or replaced with any other offer being run by HUL.

11. HUL and their affiliated partners may contact Campaign participating Consumers regarding other products in the future.

12. This offer is applicable across all telecom providers.

13. The Campaign is applicable for consumers with pre-paid mobile numbers in India only.

14. The Campaign starts 12 Midnight IST on 10th August, 2014 and ends on 15th November, 2014 at 11:59 PM IST.

15. Airtime rewards cannot be exchanged for cash and are not transferable.

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