Contest !! Chance To Win a Feature with Femina Magazine

Contest !! Chance To Win a Feature with Femina Magazine

Have you ever had those cute, mushy moments that make your heart melt? If yes, here’s your chance to win a feature with Femina magazine! 
Simple Things That Make You Smile Instantly

Here’s how:
1. Browse through our several #Instasmilestories and pick the ones you love.
2. Participate in it by signing up and adding your entry to the topic. You can make this more fun by adding images or GIFs to your entry, just the way ScoopWhoop does it!
3. Your entry, once reviewed and published on Scoopwhoop, will be put up for votes.
4. As other stories go live, you can participate in them too- and add more entries.
5. Top the vote charts by the end of the campaign, and win a feature photo shoot with Femina magazine!

How To Win

1. Pick the Article That's Live.
2. Add you entry with images or GIFs, just the way ScoopWhoop does it !
3. You entry will be published and put up for votes
4. top the vote charts and win a photo shoot with Femina magazine

Participate To Win Visit Here :

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