Contest !! Lucky Draw Register And Win Gift Voucher Worth 1000 !! Proptalkies

Contest !! Lucky Draw Register And Win Gift Voucher Worth 1000 !! Proptalkies
Hi Folks! It’s time to pull up your socks.

“Lucky draw contest” 

Now get yourself registered on Proptalkies and grab a chance to win a gift voucher of worth Rs1000/-

Participate To Win Visit Here :

Qualifying Criteria
Register + 1 Review
Gift voucher worth Rs 100/-
Entered one Review, Excellent. If you have more projects experiences to share then give a shot at earning Rs. 500/- gift voucher.
5 Reviews
Gift voucher worth Rs 500/-
 Write quality reviews and increase your followers to earn voucher of 750/-
7 Reviews + 6 Followers + 5 Helpful Votes
Gift voucher worth Rs 750/-
Critically written Reviews or Comments posted in Forums increase the chances of earning Followers & Helpful votes.
At the end of Contest period, approved reviews would be evaluated for quality of submission i.e. originality of content, critical analysis, highlighting ground realities & synchronization between Reviews & Rating score. Meeting the number of approved review criteria will not automatically make one eligible for vouchers, unless the submitted quality is good. 

Top contributor would be selected by Proptalkies team, who would be given a Smart Phone. Contributions like writing Reviews, Comments, earning Followers, Helpful votes, Submitting New Projects all help in improving one's chances of winning the Smart Phone & the winner would eventually be selected based on the overall quality of submissions.
Start writing review
To write a quick review click here.
To write a detailed, comprehensive review click here.
To refer your friend click here.
Terms and conditions
Reviews approved by the PropTalkies team would only be considered for the contest.
Your review should be original, more than 30 words and without any objectionable content.
The contest shall run from 28-Jul to 31-Aug.
PropTalkies hold the right to withdraw/modify the contest at any time.
Winners would be contacted through Email only once within 48 hours for details verification, after the contest ends. In case if the contestants fail to revert within 48 hours after receiving the mail, their awards would stand withdrawn.
In case of Disputes, authorities' decision will be final & applicable.
The contest is open for Indian residents only.

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