News !! Google New App Launch New Email "INBOX" For Mobile

News !! Google New App Launch New Email "INBOX" For Mobile 

 Inbox, in its current state, is essentially an alternative to your standard Gmail account. Where the overall look and feel of Gmail has only changed marginally in recent months, Inbox incorporates Google's newer Material Design philosophy, which offers a flatter user interface with cohesive colors throughout the app. This design choice extends to all versions of Inbox, including iOS, Android, and the web.

Gmail's recent addition of Categories attempts to slot incoming emails under generic tabs, but Inbox takes things a bit further, sending emails into a wider range of more specific headings called Bundles. For instance, emails from Paypal or your bank might automatically fall under the "Finances" bundle, while Twitter and Facebook notifications go under "Social."

 The app was first spotted by Inbox Guru, which incorrectly referred to it as an extension. In case you’re not aware of the difference, extensions have little or no UI component and extend either the functionality of Chrome or the websites being viewed in it, while apps run inside the browser with a dedicated user interface to (hopefully) provide a richer experience.

In this case, however, the app is just a “glorified shortcut” – at least until Google starts adding new functionality to it. Right now, the app includes all the service’s main features (including bundles, highlights, reminders, snooze, and search), but all it really does is place a shortcut in your Chrome App Launcher:


Clicking this shortcut merely directs the user to This might be useful if you actually use the app launcher in Chrome, though you could of course just create a shortcut in your bookmark bar and achieve the same thing.

For Chrome OS users, however, the app may be useful as it can be opened in its own dedicated window. If you’re already using Inbox on your Android or iOS device, you’ll appreciate Google’s Material Design on a bigger screen.


We assume that if Inbox succeeds (unlike Google Wave, the company’s last attempt to fix email), Google will add Web and desktop-specific features to the app. After all, the service is currently only available to Chrome users.

Here’s what happens if you try launching Google’s Inbox in Internet Explorer, Firefox, or any other browser:


Once “soon” comes and goes, Google will probably want to push new features to Chrome users first. This is nothing new for the company: While it does work to support the latest Web standards, the company also has no problem prioritizing its own browser for certain offerings.

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