Olive Oil 10 LITER FOR JUST RS 4000

Olive Oil 10 LITER FOR JUST RS 4000

As you may be aware, Olive Oil is the healthiest oil most suitable for health.  Since centuries, this fact has been adopted by us.  My purpose of writing to you is to let you know that one of the famous olive oil brand "Leonardo" is available now at a throw away price.  WE CAN OFFER YOU 10 LITER FOR JUST RS.4000/- (RUPEES FOUR THOUSAND ONLY).  WE CAN DELIVER THE SAME AT YOUR PLACE. 

Leonardo was the first to introduce Olive Pomace Oil in India and the first to promote the use of Olive Oil for Indian cuisine.  Olive Pomace Oil is the cooking grade oil. It’s a low price, light oil with neutral taste and flavour.  It’s most commonly used all over the Mediterranean for frying. 
Plus it has a very high smoking point, so it can be reused several times.

As you probably know, Olive Oil has the highest amount of monounsaturated fats or MUF.  MUF reduces LDL or bad cholesterol.  Olive Oil also has plenty of anti-oxidants which fight against cancer, reduce the effect of aging and increase life expectancy significantly. You can see the cost of the same on the following link Check Price on Ebay 5 Litter Rs 3599

Kindly let us know your requirement by return mail.  For your ready information, a sheet is attached regarding various uses, varieties and benefits of olive oil. 

Awaiting to hear from you.

Thanks and regards,

Subject to use : Olive Oil offer at throw away prices - 10 Liter Leonardo Olive Pomace Oil for Rs.4000

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