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At Smartpick, we believe in empowering your purchases. We achieve this by giving you the power of choice that can help you Discover new products that you have not tried. In addition to trying new products we want you to talk to us and tell us about your experiences. 

Everything we do is about listening to what you really need, and as a result bringing you great ideas, advice, and products to enrich your life.

Smartpick is an online platform created by Hindustan Unilever, a market leader in Indian consumer products with presence in over 20 consumer categories such as soaps, tea, detergents and shampoos amongst others with over 700 million Indian consumers using its products.

You can choose from our range of products and sample 4 products.

Free Sample of  Close Up Diamond Attraction 
Several minutes in front of the mirror to hide that blemish, settle that messed-up fringe, decide on the right earrings and yet something seems amiss! But add to this a dazzling, confident smile and all seems to be right with this world. Closeup understands this well and their brand new offering will make you want to smile again and again!

Co-created with cosmetic dentists, Closeup Diamond Attraction is a revolutionary toothpaste that makes use of patented blue light technology which works instantly to make teeth whiter, and over time it continues to work to give you a whiter, brighter and more radiant smile.

Closeup Diamond Attraction is all you need to get an instantly white smile, anywhere and anytime.

Free Sample of  Comfort Fabric Conditioner
For the last forty years, Comfort - the world's number one fabric conditioner brand - has been caring for families across the world by providing softness and freshness to their clothes. 

While clothes need to be neat and clean, given the daily grind, they need to be cared for as well. Comfort is a conditioner that ensures your clothes get the care they deserve. 

Whether you wash your clothes by hand or machine, Comfort's conditioning action offers many benefits

Free Sample of  Dove Hairfall Rescue Shampoo
Dove Hair Fall Rescue Shampoo helps reduce hair fall caused due to damage. It contains Nutrilock actives that locks in the nourishment, strengthen and protects hair against hair fall. It nourishes from the roots up and reduces hair fall , giving visibly fuller hair.

Directions to use Dove Hair Fall Rescue Shampoo

1. After washing your hair thoroughly, take 2 to 3 drops of the hair fall rescue shampoo, equal to size of a coin, on your palm. 
2. Then apply the shampoo, gently massaging it all over your hair from the roots to the tips. 
3. Leave the shampoo on your hair for a couple of minutes and then rinse it off completely.
4. For best results, use Dove Hair Fall Rescue Conditioner after every wash.

Free Sample of  Dove Cream Beauty Bathing Bar
Dove believes that beauty - feeling and looking your personal best - is the result of proper care. Dove always aims to deliver products which tangibly improve the condition of skin or hair and give a pleasurable experience of care, because when you look and feel beautiful, it makes you feel happier. It’s a feeling every woman should experience every day. 

From the beginning Dove has always celebrated real women at the heart of everything the brand does and believes. Real beauty embraces diversity - no woman is or should feel excluded from the world of beauty that the brand represents. Real women are the brand’s true inspiration. 

Dove Cream Beauty Bathing Bar replenishes your skin’s lost moisture each time you use it.

Free Sample of  Lipton Green Tea – Pure & Light
Lipton's essential ingredient comes from nature, the leaves of a plant – Tea. For over a century Lipton has been bringing the benefits of this unique plant to people across the world. We want tea to be continuously grown and harvested for the enjoyment of generations to come. Lipton is the leading global tea brand and has been delivering quality for over 100 years. This means that, at Lipton, the quality standard is kept uncompromisingly high.

We believe, in life, it is important to be able to choose and then to choose the best.

Pure and simple, our all-natural green tea is made from the finest leaves in the world. Clean and delicious and provides flavonoids, this tea is an ideal addition to your daily routine.

150mg of flavonoids per 8 fl oz serving

Free Sample of  Pepsodent G Gum Care
Gum Disease is the number 1 cause of tooth loss in the world. 4 out of 5 adults in the world suffer from an early form of gum disease. In India : More than 90% adults and 70% chlidren suffer from some form of gum disease. Teeth are the important, but we tend to ignore the gums. However, like the roots of the tree, its the gums that are the foundation of strong, healthy teeth 

Strong gums are the foundation for strong teeth like strong roots are for the teeth. Ordinary toothpaste only protects your teeth. You need a gum care expert that strengthens gums as well as protects teeth. 

Pepsodent G is the only toothpaste in India which is a unique combination of Gumgaurd*, which strengthens gums and Germicheck** which protects teeth.

Free Sample of  Surf Excel Matic Front Load
Front loading washing machines are quite expensive and require special care. Regular hand-wash powders are not designed to be used in front load machines and may cause excessive foaming which can harm the machine and can affect stain removal in your machine.

Remove stains without harming your front loading washing machine

Lakhs of front loading washing machine owners like you have placed their trust on New Surf Excel Matic Front Load which has been scientifically designed after extensive research. It contains a unique a ‘Low Foam’ formula that removes stains without generating excess foam which may cause damage to your front load machine. Now your machine will remain happy and so will you!

Free Sample of  Surf Excel Matic Top Load
Despite using a washing machine do you still have to scrub to remove those tough stains? Blame it on your regular hand-wash powder. New Surf Excel Matic Top Load is specially designed to work in the high water environment inside your top loading washing machine.Power of Vibrating molecules combined with the machine’s agitation, act to penetrate the deeply embedded stains and remove them efficiently. 

Surf Excel Matic Top Load has been specially formulated after years of research and innovation to work effectively in your machine and remove the toughest of stains. No more intervention, no more soaking!

Free Sample of  TRESemmé Hair Spa Rejuvenation
TRESemmé offers salon-quality hair care products for men and women. From our origins in salons, we have always been driven by a simple truth; everyone deserves to look fabulous. 

TRESemmé is therefore dedicated to creating salon-inspired, stylist-tested products to help you create your own style at home and experience that salon feeling every day. 


Every individual's hair is unique – and so are our formulas. Our collections have solutions to add moisture, repair breakage, smooth frizz, boost volume, and nourish damaged hair for styles that last all day long. 

TRESemmé brings hair spa at home with our first massageable conditioner. Nourish your scalp and give your hair the benefits of a spa at home. Our fresh scented Professional grade formula, infused with hydrating marine minerals complex and essential nutrients, deeply nourish your scalp*.

Free Sample of Huggies Wonderpants
New Huggies® Wonder-Pants is the softest^ diaper pant! Your baby's skin is delicate and that's why it needs extra care. Ordinary diaper-pants keep your baby dry but they may not be gentle on your baby's fragile skin! Hence we have made a diaper pant with a "Soft-Hug Design" which is gentle on baby's delicate skin. 

New Huggies® Wonder-Pants allow moms to change baby's diaper while he is crawling or standing so baby can continue to play and explore. Moreover, these pants are affordable so your baby can use it every day. 

New Huggies® Wonder-Pants, for your baby's uninterrupted playtime, everyday!

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