Contest !! Video Spot Share And Win Flipkart Voucher

Contest !! Video Spot Share And Win Flipkart Voucher
The Promotion is valid from March 28, 2015 to April 27,2015, both dates inclusive (‘promotion period’ or ‘contest period’).
Only Students and Alumni of SMU-DE are eligible to take part in the contest.
The Duration of the Video should be 60 seconds or less.
Choose any one of the below theme to do the video:
a) What do you like about SMU-DE?
b) How did SMU-DE help in transforming your life?
c) Share your wonderful experience in SMU-DE?
The Participant has to upload the video on YouTube or Vimeo or Instagram and submit the link on the facebook app.
Video Size and File format should be as per the Guidelines prescribed by YouTube.  
The Video will be moderated and all valid entries with get Flipkart Vouchers

Participate To Win Visit Here

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