Contest !! The Thrifty Drifter Win 20 Night Free Stay & Flipkart Voucher Worth Rs 20000‬

Contest !! The Thrifty Drifter Win 20 Night Free Stay & Flipkart Voucher Worth Rs 20000‬

Contest official host via Ginger Hotels

"Empty pockets never held anyone back. Only empty heads and empty hearts can do that." - Norman Vincent Peale

Smart travel takes you off the beaten track. It takes you to smaller cities and quainter towns where centuries-worth of stories sit waiting to be discovered. It takes you to those little red obscure dots on the map which contain an entire universe within them. Places that lay undiscovered beyond geography books beckoning people like you to go dig them, explore them and take them to the rest of the world.

There is a primary difference between a tourist and a traveler. A tourist goes to a place, takes 2 million pictures, heads home and then tries to travel via those pictures. A traveler, on the other hand, aims to discover places through novel experiences. Travelers try to make the most of their resources: they travel smart.

It could mean tagging along inconspicuously with a large tourist group at Fatehpur Sikri and listening to their tour guide for free. Or attempting to sing Gangnam Style at a karaoke in Seoul (which leads to free oh-you’re-so-cute shots of soju). Travelling smart isn’t just about saving money. It’s about the unique experiences that can be had and the interesting people you meet while traveling smart. Money spent on frivolous things such as expensive hotels and fancy restaurants could better be used for buying antique LPs or souvenirs, watching a local musician at the opera, buying the work of some local artist or for renting a car so that you can go to the little red dots on a whim without the constraints of a schedule.

Of course, to every treasure you need a key. And the key lies here:

If you think you are the quintessential explorer, tell us in 200 words about an instance in your life where you travelled smart and how it added to your experience.

And while you are at it, tell us, if given a chance, what Ginger city you’d like to travel to and why.

Send in your entries to

We look forward to listening to your wonderful smart travel story. And who knows? Maybe you and we will end up creating a new story together.

Based on the entries received, 2 winners will be chosen by our panel

Each winner must select a travel companion - someone who can help the winner explore and document the chosen city of travel

The two teams will be sent to explore a Ginger city of our choice and will enjoy a free stay for 3 nights & 2 days at our Hotel

Each team member will be provided with a pre-decided budget to spend while on their journey, sponsored by Ginger Hotels

On this zesty journey, the two teams are expected to document their experience

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