Brain Wave Contest Win Every Day

Brain Wave Contest Win Every Day Exciting Prizes.
Brain Wave Contest Win Every Day

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Participate Brain Wave Contest This Time To Win Big Brain Wave contest is back with a new twist! Click on the link below to participate and win exciting vouchers medical approaches are regularly very complicated and tough to give an explanation for to folks that are not doctors. This results in a number of confusion and fear amongst sufferers and their loved ones. preserving this in mind, we at Manipal Hospitals has come up with animated motion pictures that help smash down the numerous complex medical procedures which are performed on sufferers so that everyone is equally enlightened approximately the procedure. Always Sharing Best Online All Contests. Members of the opposition will have to match the subsequent, via recognizing the solutions in the video we positioned up. they could ship of their answers on fb / Twitter and stand a threat to win some thrilling prizes. This way, no longer handiest can they get knowledgeable on a few complex medical methods, they also can have a laugh at the same time as participating.

How To Participate And Win
1. Watch Video On Contest Page Click Here
2. Answer Two Simple Question and Win
3. Send Your Answer At Twitter or Facebook Massage
4. subscribe to Manipal Hospitals YouTube channel
5. Like Manipal Hospitals Facebook Page And Follow on Twitter Must. 

Answer the following questions to win:
Which Ventricle failure leads to Left-sided heart failure?
a) Left Ventricle
b) Right Ventricle
Which of the following is a symptom of Left-sided heart failure?
a) Tiredness & Fatigue
b) Fever

We will be announcing 1 lucky winner per day

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