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Get Free Firefox Geared Bicycle And Amazon Gift Card

Get Free Firefox Geared Bicycle Every Hours And Amazon Gift Card Every Minute
Alpenliebe Contest

Alpenliebe Contest

Get Free Firefox Geared Bicycle Every Hours and Amazon Gift Card Worth Rs 1000 Every Minute Simply Buy Alpenliebe and Send Promo Code to win freebie. Enjoy the sweet taste of victory Your chance to win is just a candy away. Stock up on the sweetness of Alpenliebe Gold & Creamfills to win Brace yourselves for a sweet victory, as Alpenliebe Gold & Creamfills help you bring home exciting prizes. Get ready to try them all The period of each day of the Contest Period between 9:00 am and 9:00 pm is the ‘Contest Time’ MaalFreeKaa.in No.1 Online Contest, Free Sample, Giveaway Website you can find all update about Online Contest, Free Stuff Deal, Free Sample, Cashback, Loot Deal Coupon and Freebie Deal. Lucky Draw Giveaway Health And Life Insurance Car Insurance, Finance & Banking Contest of Article for reward. Each 4-digit alphanumeric code printed on the wrapper of a Promotion Product is a ‘Participation Code’; however, Promotion Products without a Participation Code printed on the wrapper may also be available in the market during the Contest Period Each Eligible Person who participates in the Scheme in the manner explained in clause 3.

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How To Participate And Get Free Firefox Bicycle
1. Buy Alpenliebe Gold / Creamfills Promo Pack
2. SMS The 4 Digit Code Behind The Candy Pack To Send 8722487224
3. Stand A Chance to win 1 Firefox Geared Bicycle Every Hours And 1 Amazon Gift Card Rs 1000 Every 10 Minutes
4. Contest Time : Contest Period between 9:00 am and 9:00 pm

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An Eligible Person must send an SMS on 87224 87224 from a sim-card issued by a telecommunications network in India, excluding Tamil Nadu circle The Organizer must receive the SMS before or during the Contest Period he SMS must contain only a valid Participation Code All Participants will get an assured reward in the form of a link to a game called Alpenliebe Game. Each Participant will receive this reward by SMS on the number from which s/he participated. To play this game, the Participant must have a web browser installed on his/her phone. There are no prizes for achieving scores on this game.

6 Amazon Pay Gift Vouchers/Cards (referred to as ‘Vouchers’ or ‘Cards’), each worth ₹1000/-, and one Firefox Fusion 24’ Bicycle OR Firefox Thermo 24’ (whichever is available in stock) will be awarded against entries chosen from among those received from Participants in each hour of Contest Time, subject to the ‘Exclusion’ explained in clause 4(v) below. There are no prizes for entries received outside the Contest Time, or after the Contest Period

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Contest End : 28th February 2019

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