Flipkart Wishlist To Win Big Prize

Flipkart Present wishlist Contest you can make your wishlist you can get chance free prize from flipkart.  Flipkart's Wishlist and win contest is a way for users to win their wishlisted products on Flipkart. Click on the Wishlist and Win Hourly banner on Flipkart and wishlist any product/s of your choice. If you make the 200th wishlist in that hour, then you will win your entire wishlist of the day for free up to Rs. 3,000 contest live on only Flipkart app. There will be a total 116 winners during the contest duration.

How To Play Flipkart Wishlist To Win Contest?
1. Download or Update your Flipkart App Click Here
2. Play Wishlist Contest Click Here
3. Create your wishlist on Flipkart App.
4. Lucky Winner Win Hourly Free Prizes.

You will be given an e-Gift Voucher worth the value of your wishlist during the day, rounded off to the nearest multiple of 500. Maximum value of this e-Gift Voucher can be Rs. 3,000. This voucher will be sent to you on or before 31st July 2020. Winners will be announced on or before the last day of sale - 27th June, 2020 on the platform Each hour during this period would have a winner, defined as the user who makes the 200th wishlist in that hour In order to be eligible to win on any given day, the user must also click on the banner for "Wishlist and Win" construct on that day read full term here

Contest End : 22nd June, 2020

Click The Link Below To Play Wishlist Contest

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