Playing CliQbola Win an iPhone 11 Pro

Play Tambola game on 6th June with Abish Matthew you can win an iPhone 11 Pro and assured prizes. CLiQbola is a game of luck and laughs, to bring you closer to the brands that make your heart CliQ! A rendition of the popular game of Tambola or Housie, we’ve added our own little twist ft. Abish Mathew So register now, begin your CliQ journey and earn as many coins as you can to win big.

How To Play CliQBola? 
1. Register Your Tickets For Tambola Game Click Here
2. Play Quiddler And un-Jumble to Earn More Coins
3. Refer or invite your family or friends to earn more coins
4. Login at 6 PM for The Livestream With Abish Mathew
5. Watch Abish call out brands and products match them with your ticket
6. Claim the patterns on your ticket if any
7. Check your coin balance at the end of the game and redeem prizes.

CliQbola Patterns
1. Jaldi Five Top, Middle, Last Line
2. Four Corners Full House

CliQbola is a free-to-register game. All participants agree to the terms and conditions laid out by Tata CliQ. Non-acceptance of these terms and conditions and Game Rules will result in an immediate disqualification of that participant. The winner of the iPhone 11 Pro will be decided basis of highest number of coins earned by a participant. In case more than 1 participant has earned the same number of highest coins, the winner will be decided via lucky draw at random The winner of the iPhone 11 Pro will be declared on Tata’s CliQ’s social media pages on 6th June, 2020 @ 9PM. Please follow our social media pages to check if you have won.

Click The Link Below To Book Your Tickets Now!

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