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Flipkart Super Fan is a quiz show featuring various bollywood celebrities across multiple episodes. Flipkart Super Fan you can get assured SuperCoin when you answer all correct. Celebrities will ask various questions pertaining to their personal life and the participants will be required to answer these questions correctly. Let's Play Flipkart Super Fan Quiz Show at Flipkart App And Win Prizes FREE.

Flipkart SuperFan With Jacqueline Fernandez 17th July, 2020 Answer Here
1) What is the last thing I do before I sleep?
Answer : Pray

2)What is my Favourite Indian desert?
Answer : Rasgulla

3) What is my least favourite Vegetable?
Answer : Karela

4) What is that one social Media trend that really bugs me?
Answer : Challenges

5) I always carry a marble angel in my bag. Who gifted me this angel?
Answer : My Mom

6) What is that one thing I always offer guests when they come home?
Answer : Dates

7) I have 2 pole at Home
Answer : True

8)If i wasn’t in India I would have love to stay in New York
Answer : False

9) The First Hindi film I watched was -———
Answer : Devdas

10) My first Bollywood crush was————
Answer : Salman khan

Flipkart SuperFan Quiz 10th July With Kareena Kapoor Khan Answer Here
1: What was the name my grandfather wanted to give me?
Answer : Sidhima

2: what you think i like more?
Answer : Sunset

3: What was the summer course i took in harvard?
Answer : Micro Computers and Info Tech

4: What is my favorite corner in my house?
Answer : The Balcony

5: How many pairs of jeans do i own?
Answer : 50-55 Pairs

6: What is my favorite pass time with taimur?
Answer : Reading

7: My Second favourite holiday destination is new york?
Answer : False

8: My Favorite dessert is Dal Ka Halwa
Answer : False

9: I Would love to be a lead in my own biopic?
Answer : True

10: My Favourite saif ali khan performance is?
Answer : Dil Chahta Hai

How To Play Flipkart Super Fan Contest?
1. Download or Update Flipkart App Click Here
2. Play Flipkart SuperFan Quiz Show Click Here
3. Every Friday you can Participate Flipkart SuperFan Contest
4. Answer All 10 Question Correctly
5. All Answered Correct You Win Assured Prizes FREE

Flipkart SuperFan Quiz Show users can change their preferred prediction by reattempting the question. The results will be available to the users who have completed the quiz. All Participants with all correct answer during the episode shall be declared as winner who will be entitled to receive prizes. 

Prize Detail You Win FREE
1. 100 Lucky Winner Get FREE Flipkart Gift Voucher Worth Rs 1000
2.  Lucky Winner Get FREE Flipkart Gift Voucher Worth Rs 50
3. Others Lucky Winner Open Flipkart Mystery Box and Win Free SuperCoins
4. One Lucky Winner Get Your Favorite SuperStar SuperFan Title 

Note : Flipkart SuperFan Quiz Contest Live Every Friday On 00:00 am to 11:59:59 pm.

Contest End : 1st October, 2020

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