Virtual Pets Event Contest Win Prize Worth Rs 50000

Ho Ho Ho! It’s the Merry holidays season with Christmas & the New Year 2022. And our very own Go Play Santa now has some exciting gifts in store for your pets! Find All Republic Day Contest, New Year 2022 Contest,  Contest Alert World Wide, Contest Alert, Year 2022 Contest, Giveaway New Year 2022, Welcome 2022 Contest & Giveaway. So all ya Doggie-daddies & Cat-Mommas go out and play with your pets, send us some cool pics & videos and stand a chance to win some super exciting hampers & gifts from our partner brands for your furry buddies! We at Go Play have come up with some fun & playful activities for you pet parents to engage your furry buddies!.

Record Your Pets Video and Win Exciting Prizes
How to Participate & Win Exciting Prizes?
1. Play Virtual Pets Event Contest Click Here
2. Play with your pet(s). Dogs, Cats, or others. Anywhere! In the house, office or the park!
3. Record a short video, or a cool picture of your pet/s playing
4.  Register on our website and send the video / picture to us WhatsApp at +918468930687 
5. Share the video / picture on your profile and tag us on Instagram @go.pllay or Facebook page @GoPllay
6. DM us on Instagram

Prize Detail of Contest Virtual Pets Events Gift Hampers
1. Top 4 most liked videos on our website 
2. Top 4 most liked photos on our website 
3. Top 4 most shared + tagged videos or photos on Instagram + Facebook 
4. Fun awards Participation Prizes 100+ exciting gifts for Lucky Participants

Record Video With Your Pets Kinds of Playing activities
     a. Catch: With a ball or a stick
     b. Frisbee
     c. Tug of War: Between humans & pets
     d. Wool Ball / Catnips & similar toys 
     e. Trekking & Camping

Fun awards and Lucky Participant awards Winners will be decided by Go Play Managements and the Event Sponsor Pets have become an integral part of our lives today, and this is an ever-growing phenomenon. And almost all pet parents love their pets, dogs, cats, or others like they are their own little kids & a part of their families. 

Contest End : 22nd February, 2022

Click The Link Below To Play Pets Contest

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