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Starting Feb 20th, you can get paid $200 for every prototype tested Super Winter is coming, with a wonderland of prizes for testing prototypes, publishing your game, and meeting marketability, CPI, and retention benchmarks. Get your games ready - SuperWinter begins Feb 20th Welcome to a wonderland of prizes Earn a cash bonus for EVERY game tested, and get even more for meeting Supersonic’s new marketability score and CPI benchmarks. Keep in mind that if your studio shows high potential, you could continue getting paid for every prototype even after SuperWinter ends.

Play Game & Test To Get Paid $1000

How To Get Paid $1000 Playing or Testing Game?

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4. More prototypes, more bonuses

Using a single marketability score, you can forecast the success of your game. You can receive a $10,000 bonus as part of SuperWinter if your game receives a marketability score of 4 or above. Here is what the new Supersonic marketability tool performs and how it aids in predicting the success of hyper-casual. 

KPIs & Top Prizes
A Game shall be entitled to the higher of the following prizes. The prize will be paid only if the Game reaches the relevant milestone. To be eligible for any of the following prizes, a Game has to be tested by Supersonic on or before April 10, 2023.

Prize I : Any Game that under these Terms is tested by Supersonic may be eligible for USD $200.

Prize II : Any Game that receives a Marketability score of 4 or higher by Supersonic, based on a matrix which will be determined by Supersonic at its sole discretion, may be eligible for a USD $10,000.

Prize III: Any Game that, under these Terms, reached the following KPIs, may be eligible for the higher of the following prizes:

Facebook iOS\ Android CPI <USD $0.5 and Retention D1 > 30% — USD $3,000

Facebook iOS\ Android CPI <US $0.4 and Retention D1 > 30% — USD $5,000

Prize IV : Any Game that will be fully launched by Supersonic within three months from the end of the SuperWinter Term, will win USD $100,000, minus the amounts paid for Prizes I, II and III.

Standards for qualifying
Less than 10,000 people must have downloaded the game. The number of games that each developer may submit is limitless. The game cannot have been tested beforehand. Games on Android and iOS Only games submitted between February 20, 2023 and March 20, 2023 are eligible for prizes. Testing must start before April 10, 2023.

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