Power Play Cricket Quiz Win Official Indian Jersey

Power Play Cricket Quiz Win Official Indian Jersey

Play During World Cup 2023 Cricket Power Play on Red FM and Get Chance To Win Free Indian Cricket Team Jersey
Cricket World Cup 2023 During Participate Power Play Quiz Contest And Get Chance To Win Free Indian Cricket Team official Jersey. RED FM start New Power Play of The Day Quiz Contest and Win On Friday 13th Oct 9:00 am Login and Fasted 15 Question Answer & Get Free be the lucky one to win 20,000 with every correct answer with RJ Raunac.
Lagao apne cricket gyaan ko kaam pe and stand a chance to win a customized official Indian Jersey. Log on to Quizindiamovement.in now!! Tune into RED FM tomorrow 13th Oct at 9am.

How To Participate Power Play Cricket Quiz Contest?

  1. Join Power Play Cricket Quiz Contest of RED FM Click Here
  2. Click On The Power Play of The Day Banners
  3. Answer Simple Question About Cricket World Cup 2023
  4. Register or Login Via Your Email or Mobile Numbers
  5. Complete Your Profile 
  6. Login Every Friday On 9:00 am
  7. Answer 15 Question Correctly Fasted
  8. Lucky MFK Mega Draw Winners Win Free Worth 20,000 Prizes
  9. Lucky MFK Winners Win Everyday Official Indian Cricket Jersey 

Know The Game of Power Play Cricket Quiz Win Indian Cricket Official Jersey 

  • Double-check that you provide accurate information during the registration process.
  • Make sure you have a strong internet connection and are within a good network range.
  • Answering all 15 questions in each episode boosts your chances of winning.
  • Remember, one minute may seem lengthy, so stay calm and think before responding.
  • Upon submitting each answer, patiently await the appearance of the next question on the screen.
  • Familiarize yourself with the rules and guidelines of the quiz to play effectively. You may refer to the FAQs section.
  •  Set up a quiet and distraction-free environment to concentrate better during the quiz.
  • Respect the timing of the quiz (i.e Every Friday, 9 am) and be punctual to avoid missing out on any of the 15 questions.
  • Stay updated with any announcements or notifications from QuizIndiaMovement.in for important updates.

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FAQs For Power Play of The Day Contest

1. Are QUIZ INDIA MOVEMENT registrations still open?
Yes, you can register at any time on Quizindiamovement.
2. How can I register for Quiz India Movement?
To register, please visit the Quizindiamovement.in microsite and log in using your email address or contact number with OTP verification.
3. How many times can I participate?
You can participate every Friday at 9 am and attempt all the questions.
4. How will I be informed if I have won?
At the conclusion of all 15 questions, the names of the 15 winners will be updated in the winners' section of the QUIZ INDIA MOVEMENT app.
5. How will I receive the cash prize I have won?
Once you have been declared a winner, you will be contacted by our team to coordinate the prize distribution process, ensuring a smooth and timely transfer of your winnings. Your satisfaction and ease of receiving your prize are our top priorities.
6. Is there any registration fee associated with this quiz?
No, there is no registration fee associated with this quiz. It is free for all participants.
7. What happens if I submit my answers in less than one minute?
If you submit your answers in less than one minute, you will need to wait until the stipulated time for answering the question has elapsed.

Power Play of The Day Quiz Contest Seclude For Bumper Prizes

6th Oct, 13th Oct, 20th Oct, 27th Oct, 3rd Nov, 10th Nov, 17th Nov mean every Friday 9 am to 9:30 am

Click The Link Below To Play Power Play Of The Day

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