Trial Pack of Befach Diet and Diabetic White Rice

Trial Pack of Befach Diet and Diabetic White Rice Free Sample

Get Free Sample Trial Pack of Befach Diet and Diabetic White Rice
Having Diabetes? Looking for Diet Rice. Get Free Trial Pack of Befach Diet and Diabetic White Rice Sample you can try at your home free before buy. We have faith in our product. We are sure Befach will have a positive impact on the health of you and your family. So let’s guarantee it! Test your sugar level and see the difference!

How To Get Trial Pack of Befach Diet and Diabetic White Rice?:

  1. Register your free trial account 
  2. Find The "Try The Free Sample: Button
  3. Fill the Free Sample With your Correct Details
  4. You received free trial pack Befach Diet and Diabetic White Rice
  5. Shipping Charge Applicable Rs 99

How To Avoid Shipping Charge For Free Sample Trial Pack?

  • Please share on WhatsApp with at least 5 friends/family and get it delivered at no cost.
  • Along with this FREE trail pack, also get a mobile pop-up worth Rs. 100/- absolutely FREE 

What is Befach Diet and Diabetic White Rice?

  • Befach Rice is a Low GI rice that tastes like regular white rice. Being a Low Glycaemic Index (GI) Rice, it not only makes it ideal for Diabetic Patients but also for anyone who wants to eat healthily. Befach Rice acts as a slow-digesting carb, keeping you fuller for a more extended time.

Why use Beface Rice?

  1. Help Control Sugar Levels
  2. Tastd 100% Like White Rice
  3. Helps Lose Weight & Easy to Cook
  4. Complex Carbohydrate & Suitable for All Ages
  5. Perfect for Diabetic Patients & Best Alternative To Brown Rice

How is Befach Rice, Low GI?

  • Befach Rice has a low Glycaemic Index(GI) and is different from other varieties of Rice.
  • This Rice is a cross breed between 2 varieties of Rice that have given the best of the requirements, viz. Good Taste and Low GI Value.
  • This Rice has inherent Starch Characteristics (amylose and amylopectin) that enable slower absorption of Carbohydrates.
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