Play Bingo Game Win Cycle Smartwatch No Rulz Challenges

Play Bingo Game Win Cycle Smartwatch No Rulz Challenges 

Play Bingo No Rulz Challenge by Scan and win free weekly prizes
Bingo No Rulz Challenge Buy Bingo Promo Pack and Scan The QR Code To Play Bingo Game to Win Amazing Prizes Weekly Like Cycle, Smartwatch, Amazon Gift Vouchers, Intax Camera and more. The Contest is being organized and managed by Premier Sales Promotions Private Limited.
By participating in this Contest, each Participant is deemed to have accepted the complete Terms and Conditions. Successfully entering the Contest and winning a prize/prize(s) is subject to all requirements set forth herein.

Step To Participate Play Bingo Game Win Cycle Smartwatch No Rulz Challenges?

  1. Buy Bingo No Rulz Challenge Promo Pack 
  2. Scan The QR Code From Pack and Visit Weblink
  3. Sign up with Name, Email and Mobile Numbers 
  4. Followed by OTP verification and accept of the Terms and Conditions of the Contest.
  5. The Participant can Play The 4 Games
  6. Puzzle, Football, Cricket & Running game
  7. The Participant must play at least one of the four games, once, to be eligible for winning the Prize
  8. This Contest is being organized on a "Best Effort" Basis
  9. Lucky MFK winners win Free Prizes Weekly Cycle, Smartwatch, Camera, and more.

About The Contest Bingo No Rulz Challenge Play Game & Win:

  • This is a limited period contest sponsored and launched by ITC Ltd for its product, Bingo No Rulz of variants Curlz Cheese, Curlz Masala, Curlz Tomato, Mix Puffs Cheese, Mix Puffs Masala, Mix Puffs Tomato in sizes of 16 grams
  • Consumers participating or seeking to participate in the Contest shall individually be referred to as “Participant” and collectively as “Participants”.
  • Participation in this Contest is purely voluntary.
  • The Contest shall be live from 00:00 hours on 06/11/2023 and shall close on 28/01/2024 at 23:59 hours (“Contest Period”). A day for the requirement of the Contest Period is 00:00 hours to 23:59 hours of a particular day.
  • Purchase of the pack is not necessary to participate in the Contest.

How To Participate Play Bingo Game:

  • Any Participant who desires to participate may scan the QR code printed on the Promo Pack OR the Participants may participate in this Contest by visiting the website directly.
  • After the Participant scans the QR code they would be taken to a web link. The web link when clicked would direct the Participant to an interface (akin to a game) on the web browser of the Participant’s electronic device.
  • The Participant can play the 4 games i.e. a puzzle game, a football game, a cricket game and a running game available on the interface. The Participant must play at least one of the four games, once, to be eligible for winning the Prize.
  • Before participating in the Contest the Participant shall register themselves by entering their name, email ID and mobile number followed by OTP verification and accept of the Terms and Conditions of the Contest.

Play Bingo Game No Rulz Challenge Contest Prizes:

 “Prizes” means the Weekly Prizes and Mega Prizes as the case may be, won by Participant(s)
  1. Weekly Prizes: means the Prizes declared by BigCity for a particular Week of the Contest Period, in accordance with the Terms and Condition. Winners for Weekly Prizes will be chosen by adding the maximum score in each of the 4 games that the Participant plays during the course of a Week The top 200 Participants who have scored the highest total scores during each Week in the Contest Period would be declared Weekly Winners. Each Winner of a Weekly Prize would receive a Rs.500 Amazon gift voucher subject to Terms and Conditions.
  2. Mega Prizes: (The Mega Prizes shall be stated in the Terms and Conditions before the start of each Week during Contest Period for the Participants to view the same. The cost for each Mega Prize will be kept less than Rs 9,500/-) Winner of the Mega Prize will be the highest scorer in the Top 200 selected for the Weekly Prize.
  3. Tie Breaker Rule: In the event more than one Participant scores the same cumulative score in all the 4 games of the Contest, for the determination of the last 200th Winner of the Weekly Prize or the Mega Prize, the Participant who scores the same score earliest in the course of the Week shall be deemed to be a Weekly Prize Winner or the Mega Prize Winner as the case may be.
ITC or BigCity reserves the right to not declare the Weekly/Mega Prize Winners for a particular Week.

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Contest Duration:
6th Nov to 24 Jan, 2024

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