ONDC Build For Bharat Prizes Worth Rs 30000000

ONDC Build For Bharat Prizes Worth Rs 30000000

ONDC Build For Bharat Prizes Worth Rs 30000000
The ONDC Build for Bharat initiative is offering prizes worth Rs 30,000,000 to support the development of innovative solutions for the Indian market. Where innovation meets impact! Our initiative is a collaborative endeavor, presented by ONDC and proudly sponsored by industry leaders such as Google Cloud, Antler, Paytm, and Protean. 

How To Register ONDC Build For Bharat Prizes Worth Rs 30000000?:

  1. Visit ONDC Build For Bharat Competition Page
  2. Fill Your Details Correctly And Sign up
  3. Cash Prizes Worth ₹3Cr+ & an exclusive chance to secure funding from investors
This initiative aims to foster entrepreneurship and innovation in India, particularly in the areas of technology, healthcare, agriculture, and sustainability. The prizes will be awarded to startups, individuals, and organizations that demonstrate the most promising and impactful solutions for the Indian market.

What is ONDC Build For Bharat Hackathon?:

  1. Innovative Challenges: Tackle real-world problems in the e-commerce industry, leveraging the power of ONDC and Google Cloud technologies
  2. Mentorship: Gain insights and guidance from industry experts & mentors who will be available to support you throughout the event.
  3. Prizes: Compete for exciting prizes, including cash rewards, Google Cloud credits, & the opportunity to showcase your project.
  4. Networking: Connect with like-minded individuals, potential collaborators, and future employers in the tech ecosystem.

Participation Criteria ONDC Build For Bharat Hackathon?:

  1. Students: Gain practical coding experience and connect with industry professionals, enhancing their career prospects.
  2. Freelancer: Diversify skills,   build an impressive portfolio,   and network for potential collaborations and projects.
  3. Professionals: Upgrade expertise, advance careers, and mentor emerging talents while working with cutting-edge technology.
  4. Startups: Explore investment opportunities, expand product offerings, and work with cutting-edge technology.

Prize Detail ONDC Build For Bharat

  • Google Cloud Credits worth upto 202K USD
  • Equity-based grant by Antler India (~250K USD)


  • Winners to be included in Antler India Residency Program
  • Chance for winners to secure equity based funding from Antler India post specified time period (~250 K USD)
  • All Shortlisted Teams will be provided Antler India mentorship for the demo day preparation
  • Antler to provide Grant Structuring & Residency Enrollments
  • Seat on the table with India’s Top VC/PE firms for them to invest in probable solutions


  • Proposed for each winning team : Non Equity based grant Upto 40K USD upfront

Google Cloud:

  • Cloud credits to shortlisted teams
  • Upto 100K$ Google Cloud credits to eligible startup team
  • Winning team to have tech support from Google Cloud
Register End: 31st January 2024

Click The Link Below The ONDC Build For Bharat

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