Coke Food Loot Win Swiggy Vouchers Rs 10000

Coke Food Loot Win Swiggy Vouchers Rs 10000 Hourly

Coke Food Loot Win Swiggy Vouchers Rs 10000 Hourly
Coke Food Loot Win Swiggy Vouchers Rs 10000 Hourly. Coke Food Loot Unique Code Find The Behind The Label and Enter To Get Chance To Win Free Gift Vouchers From Swiggy. Coke Food Loot is Back is Contest Start From 1st April, Just Buy Coke Promo Bottle and Find The Unique Code on Label.

How To Participate Coke Food Loot Win Swiggy Vouchers Rs 10000?

  1. Buy a Coca-Cola® Promo Pack Nearest Store
  2. Scan The QR Code From Coke Bottle
  3. Find The Coke Food Loot Unique Code Behind The Label
  4. Enter The Cooke Food Loot Unique Code 
  5. Lucky MFK Winners Win Swiggy Rewards worth Upto ₹10000

What is Coke® Food Loot Contest?

Coke® Food Loot Contest is a consumer promotion by Coca-Cola India Private Limited, wherein consumers of Coca-Cola® are invited to participate and stand a chance to win Swiggy rewards worth up to Rs.10000. Under this Promotion, there can be one (1) lucky winner every hour for the Rs.10000 worth Swiggy voucher! Participants can also win Swiggy Discount Coupons worth up to Rs. 150.

What is the Coke Food Loot Contest duration & timings?

This Promotion will commence at 00:00:01 am Indian Standard Time on 01 st April 2024 and will continue until 28thJuly 202411:59:59 pm IST . However, Prize(s) will be open every day during these dates between 12:00:00 pm IST and 10:00:00 pm IST only. Any entries received outside the Promotion Period and the Daily Prize Window shall not be eligible for the Prize(s) and shall not be carried forward to any other promotional scheme ahead.

On which product is this Coke Food Loot Promo applicable?

The offer is applicable on purchase of 1L, 1.25L, 2L, 2.25L PET packs of Coca-Cola® brand only.

How do I participate Coke Food Loot Contest?

  1. Buy a Coca-Cola® Food Loot Promo Product.
  2. Scan the QR code on the Promotion Product to visit the Coke® Food Loot Promotion Website.
  3. Register with a valid mobile number and accept these Terms and the Promotion Website’s Privacy Policy to Participate in this Promotion.
  4. Enter the Unique Code from back of the label of the Promotion Product.
  5. Stand a chance to win the Prize.
  6. If you are a winner, you will be notified immediately on the Promotion Website.
  7. Redeem your Prize(s) on Swiggy App.

Why do I need to login/register? For Coke Food Loot

We need you to login/register so we can verify your participation eligibility, disburse your prizes, and notify you when you win.

What is a Coke Food Loot Unique Code?

A unique code is a 10-character alphanumeric code printed behind the label of the Coca-Cola® Promotion Product. It can be used to participate in the Promotion to stand a chance to win Prize.

Can I participate without the coke food loot unique code?

No, you cannot participate in this Promotion without a unique code.

What are the prizes available to be won?

  • One (1) lucky winner every hour can win Rs.10000 worth Swiggy Gift Card.
  • A user can also win Swiggy Discount coupons worth up to Rs. 150 on every unique code.
  • A user can win either of the prizes on one unique code, but not both.

How many times can a participant win during this promo?

Each Participant may participate in the Promotion multiple times, but he/she shall be eligible to win the Rs.10000/- Swiggy voucher only once, per Mobile number during the Promotion Period. Swiggy Discount Coupons worth up to Rs. 150 can be won up to a maximum of 2 times, per Mobile Number during the Promotion Period.

Where can I check the status of the Prizewon?

All your prizes will be visible in the My Winnings section of your account on the weblink.

How can I redeem my Prize?

  • If you are one of the winners of the Prize, you will be notified instantly on the Promotion Website.
  • The code and pin (if applicable) for your Swiggy rewards will be available on the My Winnings Page of your account on the Promotion Website, simply click on Redeem Now to reveal. You can copy the code from here and click on Redeem Now button below the code to visit the Swiggy app to redeem.
  • You will also be notified of the details of your reward code and redemption link via SMS.
  • Prize(s) not redeemed as per the specified date will be forfeited.
  • I tried using the unique code, but it shows that it has been used. What should I do?
  • Each unique code printed behind the label of a Coke® Food Loot Promotion Product can only be used once on the Promotion Website. If you want to participate again, you must use a new unique code.
  • If you are still facing issues, please get in touch with us atindiahelpline@coca-cola.comor call us at 1800-208-2653
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