Samsung Galaxy S24 Quiz Answers Win Rs 10000

Samsung Galaxy S24 Quiz Answers Win Rs 10000

Samsung Galaxy S24 Quiz Answers Win Rs 10000
Test your knowledge of the Samsung Galaxy S24 Quiz Answer Win Rs 10000. Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra's Photo Assist feature in the Galaxy S24 Contest and you could win some exciting prizes! Participate Samsung Galaxy S24 Quiz Contest Answers all Simple Question to Win Amazon Gift Card Rs 10000.

Amazon Samsung Galaxy Smartphones Quiz Answers & Win Rs. 10000! 3rd May

What are the segment’s best features in Galaxy M15 5G?

  • Answer: All of the above 

What is the defense grade security on Galaxy M15 5G that ensures utmost privacy & advanced security features?

  • Answer: Knox Security

Which processor in Samsung Galaxy M55 5G enables you to play even the highest graphics games without a single glitch?

  • Answer: Snapdragon 7 Gen 1

Which feature of the following Galaxy AI features does the Galaxy S24 Ultra have?

  • Answer: All of the above

What is the camera setup on the Galaxy M14 5G that enables you to click brilliant pictures even in low light?

  • Answer: 50MP Triple Camera & 13MP Front Camera

Samsung Galaxy S24 Quiz Answers Win Rs 10000! Find Answers Below:

How does the Generative Edit feature in Photo Assist work on the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra?

  • Answer: Users select and drag objects to desired positions, and AI fills the gap

What does the Edit Suggestion feature do on the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra?

  • Answer: Analyzes photos and suggests smart edits

How does the Photo Assist feature enhance the camera experience on the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra?

  • Answer: By suggesting edits and enabling object manipulation

Which sensor is featured as the main camera on the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra?

  • Answer: 200MP

What type of display technology is featured in the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra?

  • Answer: Dynamic AMOLED 2X
This is your opportunity to participate in an incredible experience. Join our Samsung Galaxy S24 Quiz, answer correctly, and stand a chance to win Rs 10000 in prizes. Simply answer the following easy questions to potentially win exciting rewards.

How To Participate Samsung Galaxy S24 Quiz Answers Win Rs 10000?

  1. Play Samsung Galaxy S24 Contest On 9Mobiles Web
  2. Must Your Google Account Logged 
  3. Enter Your Details Correctly
  4. Answers All Question Correctly
  5. Follows Rules of Galaxy S24 Contest
  6. Lucky MFK Winners Win Amazon Gift Card Worth Rs 10000

Prize Details of Samsung Galaxy S24 Quiz Contest

  1. First lucky MFK winner to get an Amazon voucher worth ₹5,000
  2. Second lucky MFK winner to get an Amazon voucher worth ₹3,000
  3. Third lucky MFK winner to get an Amazon voucher worth ₹2,000

Samsung Galaxy S24 Features:

  • The Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra is pushing boundaries with the introduction of Galaxy AI. This innovative feature allows users to interact with artificial intelligence in a user-friendly and meaningful way, making the smartphone even more intelligent than before!
  • Consider the Photo Assist feature in Galaxy AI as an illustration. Traditionally, if you desired to modify or adjust a photo, you would need to transfer it to a computer and utilize dedicated editing software to implement the alterations. However, this is no longer the case!
  • With the assistance of Generative Edit in Photo Assist, you have the capability to manipulate, adjust, and reposition images directly on your mobile device. It does not require any expertise in professional photo editing. All you have to do is choose the specific area surrounding the object you wish to relocate, and effortlessly drag it to your desired location. Additionally, you can modify the object's angle and size during this process. That essentially covers the procedure. Finally, by clicking on 'Generate', the Samsung Galaxy S24 series will utilize artificial intelligence to intelligently fill in the space left behind when you moved the object.
  • Furthermore, the Samsung Galaxy S24 series also offers the Edit Suggestion feature, which utilizes intelligent analysis to recommend enhancements for every photo. These enhancements may include image remastering, background blur, and shadow removal. After applying the suggested edits, users have the option to compare the original image with the edited version side by side before deciding whether to save or discard the changes.
  • The Galaxy AI's Photo Assist feature enhances the already impressive camera hardware on the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra. With its 200MP quad-rear camera setup, users can capture incredible photos. Additionally, the phone is powered by a flagship-grade Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 processor, ensuring smooth and stable performance. The Samsung Galaxy S24 series also boasts a large 6.8-inch Dynamic AMOLED 2X display, delivering stunning visuals regardless of screen size. It's worth mentioning that the phone supports the S-Pen stylus for enhanced productivity and creativity. Combining the stylus with the Photo Assist feature allows users to create something truly magical!
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Samsung Galaxy S24 Contest Steps to Win Prizes:

  • Participate in the contest by answering all questions
  • Participants have to answer all the questions correctly
  • Participants must enter their email ID (mandatory)

Samsung Galaxy S24 Contest Terms and Conditions:

  • The contest begins on April 10th, and will end on April 21st, 2024, at 11:59 PM
  • Only Indian nationals are eligible to participate in the contest
  • Participants need to answer all questions correctly and enter their email IDs to be eligible to win.
  • Winners will be announced 8 – 10 days post the completion of the contest
  • Winners will be notified by email 2 – 3 days post the end of the contest and will be disqualified if they don’t acknowledge our communication within 48 hours. In such a case, the prize(s) will be given to the next set of eligible winner(s)
  • 91mobiles reserves the right to choose the winners at its discretion
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