Political 2024 Predict And Win Prize 1 Crore

Political 2024 Predict And Win Prize 1 Crore

Political 2024 Predict And Win Prize 1 Crore
Participate Political 2024 Predict And Win Prize 1 Crore. World Biggest Democracy Election is Live in India. The online contest where you can predict the results of the 2024 general elections of India.  In today’s fast paced political landscape, many sharp election experts among us don’t get a chance to showcase their understanding of the election polls.

What is Political 2024 Predict And Win?

That’s where this contest comes in, offering voters a platform to test their analytical skills and predict the election results from the comfort of their homes and offices. Simply Political 2024 Predict And Win  sign in using your registered mobile number, make predictions for at least five states regarding which party will win in each constituency, and witness how well your political knowledge and insights measure up against others. Plus, find out how well you did when the results are out on 4th June.

How To Participate Political 2024 Predict And Win Prize 1 Crore?

  1. Play Political 2024 Predict And Win Contest
  2. Sign up With Your Mobile Number & Login
  3. Select the State Where you want to Make Your Prediction
  4. Rank Political Parties 1st 2nd and 3rd
  5. Submit your predictions once you completed.
  6. You'll Have 3 Chance to Edit your Predictions Per State.
  7. Lucky MFK winners Win Prize Worth 1 Crore

India Political 2024 Election Result Predict and Win Rules

  • Eligibility for Prizes: To be eligible for exciting Prizes, participants shall make predictions for at least five different State constituencies. Please note that, once the prediction is made, participants can only make three (3) changes to their predictions.
However, if a participant wishes to play the PPL without predicting the outcome of all the constituencies and opts to predict for only a few constituencies, they can still do so but they will not be eligible for the Prize. Even if participants predict for one or two constituencies of a State they can still view how accurately they predicted after the results of PPL are announced.
Want to participate but predict for fewer constituencies? 
Participants who wish to play Political 2024 Predict And Win without making predictions for at least five different State constituencies can still do, however they will not be eligible for the Prizes. Even if the participants predict for one constituency of a State, they can still track the accuracy of their predictions after the results of PPL are announced.
Prize Pool: The eligible participants who accurately predicted the rankings of political parties in each State constituencies, including 1st, 2nd, and 3rd positions, within the specified timeline will be divided in two pools:

  • State Pool: Containing the names of the participants who accurately predicted the rankings of political parties in a particular State constituency; and
  • PPL Pool: Contain the names of the participants who accurately predicted the rankings of political parties in all the 543 constituencies (State and Union Territory combined).
From the State Pool X number of participants names (per State) and from the PPL Pool Y number of participants names will be drawn through a transparent lucky draw conducted by News Arena India. These participants will be the receive exciting Prizes based on the Pool they were part of.
  • Evaluation Process: PPL evaluates predictions based on actual Lok Sabha election results.
  • Result Announcement: Results will be announced after the Lok Sabha election results, which will be released on June 5, 2024. Participants will receive feedback on their overall performance and predictions.
  • Winner Selection: Y number of participants whose names will be drawn out from the PPL Pool will be declared as the winners of PPL and their names will be publicly announced. However, it is clarified that, News Arena India retains the right to make final decisions on disputes or discrepancies and to modify the PPL rules as necessary, with any changes communicated to participants through official channels.

Indian Election Result 2024 Prediction Participation Guide. 

  1. Sign Up: To join PPL, provide your mobile number and information for registration.
  2. Choose Your State: Select the state where you want to make your prediction.
  3. Rank Political Parties: For each constituency, rank the political parties according to your prediction by assigning them 1st, 2nd, and 3rd positions. You can also see the candidate list for each constituency by clicking on ‘View candidates.’
  4. Submit your response: Submit your predictions once completed. You'll have 3 chances to edit your predictions per state after submission.
  5. Reward Eligibility Criteria: To qualify for prizes, make predictions for all constituencies in at least 5 different states. However, if they make partial predictions in a state or don't predict for a minimum of five states, they can still play but won't be eligible for prizes.

FAQs Political 2024 Predict And Win Contest:

What is Political 2024 Predict And Win?

  • PPL is a website application developed by News Arena India that allows users to sign in and make predictions about the 2024 Lok Sabha elections in India.

How does Political 2024 Predict And Win work?

  • PPL allows participants to make predictions about the winning coalition, number of seats, and the Prime Ministerial candidate for five different states in the upcoming Lok Sabha polls.

What is the purpose of Political 2024 Predict And Win? 

  • PPL aims to allow users to showcase their understanding of the polls and exercise their analytical ability by predicting election results from their homes or offices.

What information do users need to provide in their predictions?

  • Users need to predict the winning coalition (e.g. Congress-led INDIA, BJP-led NDA), the number of seats won by each coalition, and the Prime Ministerial candidate for each state.

How will PPL evaluate the predictions?

  • PPL will evaluate the predictions based on the accuracy of the winning coalition, the number of seats predicted correctly, and the accuracy of the Prime Ministerial candidate. Additionally, users must accurately predict the ranking of parties or coalitions in each state to win for that state.

Will my predictions be anonymous?

  • Yes, predictions made by users will be anonymous, ensuring privacy and impartiality in the prediction process.

Can I view my predictions after submitting them?

  • Users can only view their predictions on their profile, maintaining confidentiality and security of their predictions.

How can I register to participate in PPL?

  • To participate in PPL, users must first register by signing up using their mobile number and filling in their personal information.

How many states do I need to predict to be eligible for scoring?

  • Users must make predictions for at least five different states to be eligible for scoring.

What is the ranking prediction requirement for each state?

  • For each state, users must predict the correct ranking of parties or coalitions, including the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd positions. If the entire ranking for a constituency is correct, the user wins for that state.

Will there be rewards for winners?

  • Yes, winners will receive attractive gifts based on their performance in the predictions.
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