GR Supra GT Cup Quiz Contest Win Cash Prize 1 lakh

Toyota Gazoo Racing GR Supra GT Cup Quiz Contest Answer Simple Question And Get Chance To Win Cash Prize Worth Rs 1 Lakh Know the answer? Share it in the comments section below! Also, take up the TGR quiz today, participate in GR Supra GT Cup and stand a chance to win cash prize upto INR 1 lakh Post completion of filing the form on Gaming Platform, the Participation shall play the tournament as per the terms and condition mentioned on Gaming Platform In order to participate in the Tournament, each Participant shall be required to submit his/ her entry on the Entry Platform.

GR Supra GT Cup Quiz Contest Answer Here & Win Cash Prize 1 lakh
Quiz 1 : The TGR team has consistently been winning the team and drivers' championship since?
Answer : 2014

Quiz 2 : Which car is called as GT-Four?
Answer : Celica

Quiz 3 : What is the power of GR Supra GT4 spec?
Answer : 430bhp

Quiz 4 : When did Toyota capture its first WRC title?
Answer : 1993

Quiz 5 : The driver/navigator combo of #310 car for DAKAR RALLY is?
Answer : Fernando Alonso/Mrc Coma

Quiz 6 : If you could participate in one competition with one of TGR's ever-better cars, which competition and car would you pick and why?
Answer : as your choice.

Quiz 7 : Nasser Al-Attiyah & Matthieu Baumel raced together for the _ time in Dakar 2020
Answer : 6th Time

Quiz 8 : What is the top speed of TSO50 in Le Mans ?
Answer : 350Kph

Quiz 9 : How many differentials does a GR Yaris WRC have?
Answer : 2x

Quiz 10 : Nasser Al-Attiyah & Matthieu Baumel finished the 2020 Dakar Rally in _ position.
Answer : 2nd

Quiz 11 : In the fifth round of the 2019-2020 FIA World Endurance Championship, #7 and #8 TS050 HYBRID finished in __ & __ positions respectively.
Answer : 2nd & 3rd

Quiz 12 : Would you choose to be a navigator and let Nasser Al-Attiyah drive or drive yourself and have Matthieu Baumel navigate you? Accompany the choice with a reason.
Answer : As your choice

Quiz 13 :  ____ is the final stage of the 5 Continents Drive Project.
Answer : Asia

Quiz 14 : The Engine Capacity of TS050 HYBRID is?
Answer : 2400 cc

Quiz 15 : TOYOTA GAZOO Racing South Africa (TGRSA), with their Toyota Hilux, first entered the Super Production class in which year?
Answer : 2012

Quiz 16 : How much power does the Hybrid system generate in the TSO50?
Answer : 500 PS

Quiz 17 : What cars have participated in Dakar rally?
Answer : Ts050 Hybrid & Toyota Land Cruiser

Quiz 18 : Would you choose to be a navigator and let Nasser Al-Attiyah drive or drive yourself and have Matthieu Baumel navigate you? Accompany the choice with a reason.
Answer : As your choice

Quiz 19 : Which driver, co-driver combo won the 2020 RALLY MEXICO?
Answer : Sebastien Ogier / Julien Ingrassia

Quiz 20 : What is the differential type in TSO50?
Answer : Mechanical locking type

Quiz 21 : How many consecutive wins did Hino Team Sugawara achieve in Dakar Rally 2019?
Answer :  10th

Quiz 22 : What do you think is the most integral part of a racecar, and why?
Answer : As your choice

Quiz 23 : In 2019, Toyota Gazoo Racing participated in 24 Hours of Nürburgring Endurance Race with _______ & _______
Answer : Lexus LC & GR Supra

Quiz 24 : What is the combined power output of GR Super Sport Concept?
Answer : 1000PS

Quiz 25 : Who was the first driver from Japan to win an FIA world championship title in circuit racing?
Answer : Kazuki Nakajima shone

Quiz 26 : In which round of 2019 FIA WRC did Toyota Gazoo Racing bag first, second and third spot?
Answer :

Quiz 27 : What is TSO50 bodytype made of ? 
Answer  : Carbon Figer Composite

Quiz 28 : What is the engine configuration of Hilux Dakar spec?
Answer : V8
How To Play GR Supra GT Cup Quiz Contest?
1. Register or Login For GR Supra GT Cup Contest Click Here
2. Answer All Question Correctly To Eligible To Lucky Draw
3. Lucky Winner Win Free Cash Prize Worth Rs 1 Lakh

Prize Detail You Win FREE
1st Winner Win FREE INR.1,00,000/-(Indian Rupees One lac only)
Second Runner Up Win FREE INR.75,00,00/-(Indian Rupees Seventy Five Thousand)
Third Runner Up Win FREE INR.50,00,000/-(Indian Rupees Fifty Thousand)
Rest of 7 Lucky Winner Win Free Merchandise from Toyota India

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the Company shall have the sole discretion to choose and finalize the form of the Gratification and the Participant shall have no claim in any manner whatsoever in this relation. The Participant understands and agrees that the Company shall have full discretion, without informing the Participant, to change the form of Gratification and the Participant shall abide by the Company’s decision to this effect. Company shall contact the Winner(s) through email/phone to his/her contact details mentioned in their profile. Gratification for Winner, 2nd runner up and 3rd runner up shall directly deposited to the Winner, 2nd runner up and 3rd runner’ on their registered and valid Paytm Account and the shall be governed by “Paytm” terms and conditions, any queries related to the same shall be raised to Paytm directly. The Gratification for consolation winner shall be couriered to the address provided by the consolation winner at the time of registration on the Entry Platform after the verification of any valid proof/ documents requested by the Company including but not limiting to valid Aadhaar Card, Passport, etc.. Company shall not be liable for the Gratification being lost due to provision of incorrect contact details provided by the Winners or loss/damage during courier transit or due to any other reason thereof.

Contest End : till September 26, 2020. No request for participation shall be entertained after 11:59 PM on September 7th, 2020

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