What Makes Ludo the King of Board Games?

What Makes Ludo the King of Board Games?

Ludo was introduced to the world in the form of Pachisi many centuries ago, 6 Century CE, to be precise. When the game originated in India during ancient times, it instantly became a favorite of members belonging to the royal classes, especially emperors and kings. Fast forward to now, ludo is considered the most popular board game globally. 

The game is played by millions of people every day. The very fact that so many people love the game makes it the king of board games. Besides the popularity angle, numerous other factors make the game worthy of its prestigious title.

Ludo King Game

Ludo King of Board Game?

This article will cover some of the most prominent factors which make ludo the king of all board
games. Let us dive right into it:

● Easy Accessibility

Any game, irrespective of how fun or interesting it is, cannot make a place for itself in people’s
hearts if it is not easily accessible. One of the main reasons ludo receives immense love from
board game enthusiasts all around the globe is that it is easily accessible. There are two ways

in which enthusiasts can indulge in ludo games - in the conventional offline mode or the modern
online mode.
To indulge in ludo in the conventional way, individuals need to have all the necessary
equipment, including a physical ludo board, playing pieces, and dice. Moreover, players must be
physically present to indulge in ludo matches.

On the other hand, if people wish to play ludo online, they only need an online ludo game paired
with a stable Internet connection. Such online games are available in abundance, and the ludo
game download procedure is also very simple. Thus, enthusiasts can easily indulge in virtual
ludo matches with their friends and family from anywhere at any time.

● Fun to Play, Easy to Understand

Another prominent reason why no other board game comes close to ludo is that the classic
board game is highly fun to play and easy to understand. The primary objective of players in
ludo matches is to ensure that their token or playing piece reaches their respective house first
after circling the entire circuit at least once in the clockwise direction.
To move their tokens, players need to roll the die and match them according to the number
obtained. Players need to roll sixes and take their playing pieces out of the base to get started.
Besides marching their tokens, players can also eliminate the playing pieces of their opponents
by landing theirs on them.

Thanks to the simple gameplay that ludo features, the game feels very soothing and light-
hearted. As opposed to other board games like chess, ludo allows players to relax and unwind.
Due to this, most people choose ludo as the game of choice at social gatherings and cozy get-

● Benefits Players In Multiple Ways

Even though people do not get attracted to a board game according to the benefits or
advantages it offers, it definitely adds to the game’s appeal and overall popularity. Ludo is one
of the few board games that offers many benefits to players.
For starters, playing ludo matches with friends or family helps players strengthen their bonds.
Besides this, ludo is an excellent outlet using which individuals can release stress and
rejuvenate after a long and tiring day or week. Moreover, the game enhances players’ brain
functions and cognitive abilities.

Besides all the aforementioned benefits, playing ludo matches also triggers the release of
endorphins, which are deemed feel-good hormones. Given the health-related advantages it
offers players, the game is extensively played in different parts of the globe.

● No Inappropriate Elements

A major factor that attracts the masses to a board game is the type of in-game elements it
features. For instance, if a board game has neutral and age-appropriate elements, it is very
likely to attract more people as compared to a game that is suitable only for a mature audience
due to featuring inappropriate content or elements.

Let us consider an example. Many new modern board games have become popularized, out of
which Dungeons and Dragons is a prominent one. However, despite being popular, it is not
appropriate for people of all ages since it promotes violence.

In contrast, ludo is a board game with no inappropriate elements, i.e., it is a simple strategy-
based board game that features age-appropriate gameplay and elements. Due to this reason,
the game is enjoyed by people of all ages, right from children to old people. Hence, it would be
safe to say that the absence of inappropriate elements makes ludo the king of board games.

● Promotes Socializing

Another prominent contributing factor that makes ludo the undisputed king of board games is
that it facilitates players to interact with other individuals and socialize with them.
In the case of offline ludo matches, players often engross themselves in friendly banter, which
makes matches feel more fun and less competitive. Regarding online ludo matches, most
games feature a text or voice chat feature, which facilitates individuals to convey their emotions
and interact with opponents.

This aspect of ludo promotes healthy socializing and thus, is deemed one of the most appealing
features of the classic board game.

● Final Thoughts

When it comes to being the perfect board game, ludo checks all the right boxes, right from
having exceptional features and easy rules to featuring suitable elements and offering multiple
benefits. Thanks to the game excelling in all aspects, ludo is considered the king of all board

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