Bharat Internet Utsav Contest Win Prize Rs 30000

Bharat Internet Utsav Contest Win Prize Rs 30000

Bharat Internet Utsav Contest Win Prize Rs 30000
The Bharat Internet Utsav Contest is a nationwide competition that celebrates the power of the internet. To enter, simply create a video that showcases the transformation that the internet has brought to your life. Your video can be about anything, such as how the internet has helped you with your education, your career, or your social life. 

Create your video today and show the world how the internet has changed your life! The most creative and inspiring videos will win cash prizes of up to Rs 30,000!

How To Participate Bharat Internet Utsav Contest?

1. Post A Video Showcasing Transformative Impact of Internet on Your Life
2. Using Hashtag #BharatInternetUtsav post On Facebook, Google Drive, Twitter, YouTube etc.
3. Play Bharat Internet Utsav Contest Click Here
4. Register or Login Your Account
5. During the Register Submit Your Video Post Link
6. Lucky MFK Winners Win Prize Worth Rs 30000

Bharat Internet Utsav Contest Top 3 winners will be rewarded:

1st Prize: Lucky MFK Winners Win Prize Worth Rs. 15,000 /-
2nd Prize: Lucky MFK Winners Win Prize Worth Rs. 10,000 /-
3rd Prize: Lucky MFK Winners Win Prize Worth Rs. 5, 000/-

Bharat Internet Utsav Contest Video Required Parameters

1. The video shall not be more than 2 Minutes (120 seconds), including the beginning and end credits. 2. Films/Videos exceeding this time limit are liable to be rejected.
3. The minimum length should be 30 seconds including credits.
4. Both colour and monochrome videos in time-lapse/normal mode will be accepted.
5. Please ensure the Films/Videos are preferably shot in good quality camera/mobile phone and are in the ratio 16:9 in Horizontal format or vertical format/reel/shorts format.

Terms and Conditions
1. The Competition is open to all Indian citizens aged 14 and above.
2. Participants to ensure that their MyGov Profile is accurate and updated since this profile shall be used for further communication. This includes details such as Name, photo, complete postal address, email ID, and phone number, State. Entries with incomplete profiles will not be considered.
3. Entries once submitted, copyrights will solely be with the Ministry of Communications. The department shall utilize the video for its own use.
4. All entries will be intellectual property of Ministry of Communications, Government of India.
5. Participants shall not exercise any right or claim over it at a future date.
6. Participants will be asked for identification of proofs, if deemed as winners.
7. The participants can post their video of maximum duration 2 minutes.
8. One contestant may submit multiple entries related to the topic.
9. The entry will be judged based on relevance of your entry to the competition topic, creativity expressed through the video and persuasiveness of the entry.
10. Participant & profile owner should be the same. Mismatch will lead to disqualification.

Contest End: 21st August, 2023

Click The Link Below To Participate & Win Prizes

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