DNA with Benchtop Instruments Quiz Win Prizes

DNA with Benchtop Instruments Quiz Win Prizes

DNA with Benchtop Instruments Quiz
Celebrating 70th anniversary of DNA with Benchtop Instruments Quiz Are you ready to put your DNA knowledge to the test? Participate in DNA with Benchtop Instruments Quiz and Win Prizes Contest! We've crafted a challenging yet fun quiz that will not only engage your scientific curiosity but also give you a chance to win fantastic prizes. 
Whether you're a seasoned researcher or just starting to explore the world of DNA analysis, this quiz is for you. Test your expertise, learn something new, and stand a chance to win exciting rewards. Get ready to unlock the secrets of DNA with us – stay tuned for quiz details and your shot at winning big!

How To Participate DNA with Benchtop Instruments Quiz?

  1. Play DNA with Benchtop Instruments Quiz Contest Click Here
  2. Answer All 10 Questions Correctly
  3. Filled your Contact Details and Submit
  4. Lucky MFK Winners win Free Gift Prizes

More power to you in your journey of breakthroughs. Are you aware of these benchtop instruments! Identify the below instruments from Thermo Fisher Scientific, correct entries will receive an exciting gift.

Celebrating 70th anniversary of DNA with Benchtop Instruments Quiz Answer:

Q1: This electrophoresis device allows to run, visualize, and image - all on one platform. You can run and analyse up to 96 samples at a time, saving time and bench space?
Answer: E-Gel Power Snap Plus electrophoresis system

Q2: This instrument was incorporated with artificial intelligence and developed using a deep-learning neural network algorithm, thus generating accurate counts every time?
Answer: Countess 3 automated cell counter

Q3: With its compact size, you can fit this instrument anywhere and elevate your routine basic PCR. Not to forget the presence of PCR optimization control with VeriFlex technology?
Answer: MiniAmp™ Plus thermal cycler

Q4: Our latest device has two independently controlled transfer stations, allow you to share the device with your coworker while simultaneously running four mini gels or two midi gels?
Answer: iBlot 3 transfer system

Q5: An instrument with proprietary pipette tip technology, simplified workflow, and flexibility for trusted high transfection efficiency everytime?
Answer: Neon NxT electroporation platform

Q6: It is our newest addition, helping give you ultimate control of PCR workflows; higher ramp rates, quieter runs, cloud-enabled, and VeriFlex technology for “better-than-gradient” performance?
Answer: VeritiPro thermal cycler

Q7: This device quantify DNA, RNA, and protein by detecting fluorescent dyes in a variety of assays that bind very specifically to their target molecules?
Answer: Qubit 4 fluorometer

Q8:  A top-of-art instrument offering up to five measurement technologies, including absorbance, fluorescence intensity, luminescence, time-resolved fluorescence and Alpha?
Answer: Varioskan LUX Multimode microplate reader

Q9: Would you like demo/quote for below instruments? Choose the instruments of interest?
Answer: As You Like

Q10: Can the sales representative from Thermo Fisher Scientific contact you for instrument-specific discussion?
Answer: As You Like

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