Rajnigandha Masterstroke Contest Win iPhone 15 and More

Rajnigandha Masterstroke Contest Win iPhone 15, Apple Watch, Apple Airpods and much more.

Cricket World Cup 2023 Rajnigandha Masterstroke Contest Win iPhone 15, Apple Watch, Apple Airpods and much more.
Calling all Cricket fans and artists! Be a part of Rajnigandha Masterstroke campaign and let your creativity take centre stage and get chance to win free iPhone 15, Apple Watch, Apple Airpods and much more.
Participants with the highest engagement will get a chance to win iPhone 15, Apple Watch, Apple Airpods and much more. Create your fan art with AI and show your support for the Indian cricket team!

How To Participate Rajnigandha Masterstroke Win iPhone 15?

  1. Play Scan the QR code OR Visit Rajnigandha Masterstroke Contest Click Here
  2. Fill in your details and use the one-time code sent to your direct number for verification.
  3. Create your Masterpiece from choose option
  4. Choose from the specially curated options to create your unique artwork.
  5. Share Your Masterpiece on Facebook and Instagram with #RajnigandhaMasterstroke
  6. And Instagram - Tag @rajnigandha_pm, Facebook - Tag rajnigandhapm
  7. Follow @Rajnigandha_pm (IG) and Rajnigandhapm (FB) page
  8. Highest engagement will Lucky MFK win Free iPhone 15, Apple Watch and More.

How To Increase Chance to Win Free iPhone 15?

  • Save your art and join the contest by sharing your artwork on your IG and FB handle. Don't forget to tag @rajnigandha_pm and use the contest hashtag #RajnigandhaMasterstroke in your post .Without the #RajnigandhaMasterstroke, your entry will not be deemed valid.. Remember, the image with the highest number of engagements will have a chance to win Apple Iphones, smartwatches, earpods & other attractive prizes.
  • Share your creation with friends, family, and fellow art enthusiasts to increase your chances of winning.

Criteria of Rajnigandha Masterstroke Win Free iPhone 15:

  • Users with highest number of engagements (total of likes + comments) on Social Media (Facebook, Instagram) with applicable tags/hashtags shall be selected as winner/winners. Multiple winners will be selected as there are Iphones, I-watches, air-pods and many other attractive prizes to be won.
  • Contacting the Winners: In case you are chosen as a winner, We shall contact You on the phone number/email/postal address you give Us while phone verification. We shall make 3 attempts to contact You and in case of response by You, it shall be deemed that You have forfeited your Prize and the same shall be passed on to the next eligible winner. In order to qualify for gift collection, participants are required to submit a valid Aadhar card or PAN card prior to receiving their reward, provided they are selected as winners.

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Contest Duration:
The Campaign will start on 8th Oct 2023 at 00:00hrs and end on 19th Nov 2023 23:59hrs

Click The Link Below To Play Rajnigandha Masterstroke 

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