Cadbury Choclairs Birthday Bash Win Gaming Console

Cadbury Choclairs Birthday Bash Win Gaming Console & Smartphone

Cadbury Choclairs Birthday Bash Win Gaming Console
Participate Cadbury Choclairs Birthday Bash Contest Win Gaming Console And Smartphone. Taking part in competitions can be exhilarating, particularly when there is a possibility of winning captivating rewards such as a gaming console. The Cadbury Choclairs Birthday Bash Contest presents such a chance to win exciting.

How to Win the Cadbury Choclairs Birthday Bash Contest Reward Smartphone, Gaming Console

The Cadbury Choclairs Birthday Bash Contest is an occasion of happiness and enthusiasm, offering participants an opportunity to win incredible rewards, such as gaming consoles. In order to take part, it is necessary to adhere to the precise instructions given by the contest organizers.

Steps to Enter the Cadbury Choclairs Birthday Bash Contest:

Purchase Cadbury Choclairs & Scan QR Code

  • To enter the contest, you first need to purchase Cadbury Choclairs packs and Scan QR Code on printed promo pack or Visit Cadbury Choclairs Birthday Bash Contest web page.

Fill Your Details For Contest:

  • Once they fill up their data required during journey for participation via website or QR code, they will receive an OTP. It is generated as soon as you submit your mobile number. In case it is not received, please check the number you have entered and click the 'Re-send' button.

Birthday Bash Fill Details:

  • If the participants birthday falls between 01/01/2024 – 31/03/2024 they can initiate the journey as the birthday boy/girl and create their birthday avatar to be shared with their friends (limited to max 10 friends)

Birthday Bash Not in Falls Then Share Link:

  • In case their birthday doesn't fall in this period they can share the link with a friend whose birthday might fall in this date range.

Friends Join Birthday Bash Contest:

  • Participant's friend on receiving the link can share their data, and start the "birthday bash". where they can play a virtual birthday bumps game.

Share on Social Media:

  • Once the participant’s friend has given the virtual birthday bumps he/she can record the video of the game and share on social media with the hashtag #ChoclairsBirthdayBash to stand a chance to win a Tablet as a reward.

Lucky MFK Win Prizes:

  • Basis the number of bumps given the birthday boy/girl stands a chance to win exciting rewards

Cadbury Choclairs Birthday Bash Contest Number of Prizes

Every participant stands a chance to win a reward basis him/her meeting the eligibility requirements. In-order to be eligible to win the rewards following eligibility criteria will be applicable:
  • 50% achievement on "bashometer" will unlock chance to win smartphone.
  • 100% achievement on "bashometer" will unlock chance to win Gaming console.
  • Bashometer* is the dashboard where all the birthday bumps are tracked for the user to see and react
There are maximum of 11 (8 smartphones, 2 gaming console and 1 tablet) Lucky Prizes under the Campaign. The Prizes are funded by Mondelez under this Campaign, one for each Participant who complies with our T&Cs. Each Participant would be eligible to win only if he/ she has participated in the Campaign in the manner provided under the "Details of the Campaign and How to Enter" section given in these T&Cs.

Cadbury Choclairs Birthday Bash Contest Prize Details:

Participants shall be eligible to win the following Prizes ("Prizes"):Lucky Prizes includes weekly Lucky Prize and Mega monthly Lucky Prize
  • Weekly lucky prizes will be given at the end of every week for 8 weeks period between 01/01/2024 to 31/03/2024
  • Weekly lucky prize will be a smartphone worth INR <= 10,000/-
  • Mega monthly lucky prize will be given at the end of each month (Jan’24 and Feb’24). Prize worth <= 50,000/-
  • One mega monthly prize for the friends will be given at the end of the campaign period, i.e. after 31st Mar’24
  • The image of the Prizes depicted on the ads/posters/TVC’s/pack shots etc. are indicative only and the actual Prizes/ look of the Prizes may vary from the pictures.
  • All applicable taxes resulting from acceptance of Prize(s) shall be the responsibility of Prize Winner.

Winners Selection of Cadbury Choclairs Birthday Bash Contest

  • The Daily Lucky winners of the Campaign will be announced on a daily basis ("Prize Winner”) and will be contacted by the Campaign Partner or execution partner through calls, direct messages, whatsapp, email, posts etc. Mega Lucky Prize winner will be announced at the end of the Campaign. By accepting these T&Cs you signify your consent to be contacted for the purpose of this Campaign including for procuring additional information that may be required for delivering of Prizes where applicable.
  • The winners will be selected through a randomiser which will run on a weekly and monthly basis. In case of the Mega prize the randomiser will also run at the end of the campaign. Same will be true for the mega prize, which will be declared through a randomizer at the end of the campaign.
Lucky Prize Winner also includes mega prize winner (weekly, monthly as well as at the end of campaign) will be required to respond to confirm eligibility and to provide verification documents within 3 days of initial contact to be eligible for the winner selection process

Contest Duration:

  • This Campaign will commence from 1st January 2024 to 31st march 2024 

Click The Link Below To Play Choclairs Birthday Bash Contest

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