IPL Predict & Win Daily Prize - Sportskeeda Cricket

IPL Predict & Win Daily Prize - Sportskeeda Cricket

IPL Predict & Win Daily Prize - Sportskeeda Cricket
Play IPL Predict and Win Daily Prizes From Sportskeeda Cricket. IPL Today Match Predict And Get Chance To Win Amazing Prizes Everyday. Predict Before the match begins at 7:30 pm daily based.

Predict Everyday IPL Match Prediction & Win Sportskeeda Cricket Prizes

The most popular and exciting cricket tournaments in the world. The Sportskeeda contest offers fans the chance to win prizes while testing their prediction skills. Fans of the sport eagerly wait for this tournament every year, as it brings together the best players from around the globe and provides some thrilling matches. A pre-match predictor is a game where users make predictions on questions related to the outcome of a match, player performance and/or events in the match.

How To Participate IPL Predict & Win Prizes Daily?

  1. Play The Sportskeeda IPL Prediction Game Contest 
  2. Register or Login Your Sportskeeda Account
  3. Participation is Free for everyone who has an account on Sportskeeda
  4. Users can make predictions for all questions or decide to skip any question.
  5. Lucky MFK winner win Free Sportskeeda Cricket Prizes

IPL Cricket Predict And Win Game Rules

  1. Login or Signup to join the prediction game!
  2. Predict 4 questions every match. Make sure to lock your predictions before the match begins
  3. Get 10 rule-price for every prediction.
  4. 50 rule-price if your prediction is correct!
  5. The top 20 players stand a chance to win big rewards every week!
  6. The leaderboard and your coins refresh every week, so keep playing and keep winning!

IPL Today Match Game Leaderboards Rules 

Leaderboards will be based on the number of coins the user has won in the specified week. In case of a tie, the user who has submitted the prediction first will feature higher on the leaderboards and be assigned a higher rank. The leaderboard and the user coins will reset every week. Users can change their predictions, as many times as they like, until the poll ends. The system will accept the last selected prediction.

Users’ predictions earn them coins in the below manner:
  • - Correct prediction - 50 coins
  • - Wrong prediction - 10 coins
  • - Missed/ No prediction - 0 coins
The coins awarded in the contest are not redeemable against actual money. These should not be treated as any currency. These will be used only to decide the position of players on the Leaderboard.

Contest End: 28th May

Click The Link Below To Play IPL Predict And Win Contest 

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