Zee Navratri Tyohaar Contest Win LED TV And More

Zee Biskope Navratri Tyohaar Niman Uphaar Contest Win LED TV And More

Zee Biskope Navratri Tyohaar Niman Uphaar Jeeto Roj Missed Call Now Roj Dekho Roj Jeeto
This Navratri Tyohaar Watch Zee Biskope Everyday and Missed Call To Win Niman Uphaar Like LED TV, Refrigerator, Microwave and more prizes. Participate in the “Navratar Festival Neeman Uphaar” contest to win big prizes every evening. Give the correct answer as per the procedure shown in the photo and get a chance to win lots of bumper prizes along with your smartphone. Only on #ZeeBiscope.
हर शाम जीते खातिर बड़ ईनाम लिहिं "नवरातर त्योहार नीमन उपहार" प्रतियोगिता में भाग।फोटो में दिहल गइल प्रकिया के अनुसार दिहिं सही जवाब और पाईं मौका जीते के स्मार्टफोन के साथ ढेरों बंपर ईनाम। सिर्फ Zee बाइस्कोप पर।

How To Participate Zee Biskope Navratri Tyohaar Contest?

  1. Watch Zee Biskope During Navratri Tyohaar Contest
  2. Watch 3 Movie Every Night 9:00 PM To 12:00 AM 
  3. On that day and during the movie, a unique number between 0 to 9 will be flashed on the screen every hour without repetition
  4. For each movie there will be 3 (three) such numbers
  5. Viewers will have to collect those numbers
  6. The viewers have to give a missed call on 8291829137
  7. They will get a call back where they need to fill in the numbers sequentially in the IVR
  8. They may repeat this through the 9 (nine) days of the Contest Period to give maximum correct answers in chronological order.
  9. Total 9 MFK Winners Win Free Mobile Phone.
  10. And 3 Lucky MFK Winners Win Free LED TV, Refrigerator, Microwave

Zee Navratri Tyohaar Contest Missed Call Rules

  • During the Daily Contest Period, 3 (Three) numbers between 0 to 9 (herein referred as “question”) will appear while the movie is being telecasted during the Prime Time slot on the Channel on that day (“Daily Contest Post(s)”). The participants will have to give a missed call on 8291829137, after which they shall receive a call back where they need to fill in the numbers sequentially in the IVR. ZEEL at any time can alter/change the Daily Contest at its sole discretion.
  • The contest shall be held between 15th October, 2023 and 23rd October, 2023 and there will be 1 (One) winner for each day for giving the correct answers.
  • 1 (One) winner will be selected for each day from among those sending the three numbers of the day sequentially in the IVR. The selection shall be made via randomizer.
  • There will be total 9 (Nine) winners for 9 (Nine) days.
  • Each winner will receive a smartphone.
  • Winner: 40” LED TV  
  • First runner-up: Refrigerator
  • Second runner-up: Microwave. 
Each Contest Question(s) will be corresponded by Out Bound Dialler Calls, on which the participant is required to respond with the correct answer in chronological order in order to participate in the Contest Posts.

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Contest Duration:
The Contest shall start from 21:00 IST on 15th October, 2023 and end at 23:59 IST on 23rd October, 2023

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