Ghar Pe Ghar Giveaway Happy Diwali Win Prizes 5 Lakh

Ghar Pe Ghar Giveaway Happy Diwali Win Prizes 5 Lakh

This Happy Diwali Giveaway Ghar Pe Ghar And Get Chance To Win 5 Lakh
Happy Diwali Ghar Pe Ghar Giveaway Simple Step To Win Free Scratch Card Worth Rs 5 Lakh. Get ready for a Diwali Surprise! Participate with simple steps mentioned below. Make More Happiness Diwali With Ghar Pe Ghar Giveaway Offer Just Follow Simple Step and Enter Your Details under Diwali Giveaway Contest Form To Win Biggest Prizes.

How To Play Ghar Pe Ghar Giveaway Happy Diwali Win Prizes 5 Lakh?

  1. Follow our Instagram & Facebook Page.
  2. Like and comment on the post.
  3. Share “Ghar Pe Ghar” offer on your story (Check Pinned post).
  4. Tag 5 friends to increase your chances of winning.
  5. After completing all the steps, visit Happy Diwali giveaway contest page to scratch and win
  6. Lucky MFK winners win Free up to Rs. 5 lakhs

Ghar Pe Ghar Giveaway Happy Diwali Disclaimer:

Pursuant to the Gift Tax Act of 1958, winnings from scratch and win activities up to Rs. 5 lakhs may be subject to gift tax regulations. Please be aware of the applicable tax implications and consult a tax professional for guidance when redeeming your winnings. Additionally, participants are advised to carefully read and understand the terms and conditions before engaging in the game.

Term And Condition Ghar Pe Ghar Giveaway Happy Diwali:

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